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How to Prevent Stolen Packages

If you’ve ever ordered anything online to be delivered to your home, you’ve risked your package being stolen. Our experts join us to discuss how to prevent stolen packages. Learn how to keep your packages safe!

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[Sean] it’s time to ask an expert where we answer everyday questions to help you but understanding your home and the home improvement industry today I’m with Richard from Knight security and as normal Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert design build remodel our resident expert Richard thanks for sticking around and covering this important topic with us. We’re talking about holidays and gifts being stolen that are delivered to your home. How widespread of a problem is this?

[Richard] this is a huge problem because it’s happened in every neighborhood and it’s happening all the time

[Sean] I’ve been very lucky but it could happen

[Richard] yeah happens all the time

[Sean] Greg how about you

[Gregg]it hasn’t happened to me but we usually have somebody home and we’re on it you know you get that message that the package is delivered and we grab it but I think having packages delivered to businesses is your safe bet

[Sean] that is a great solution

[Richard] And I’ve had a package stolen it’s a terribly frustrating feeling you’re waiting for that gift to come in as its intended for somebody and especially last-minute and it’s hard to replace

[Sean] so the solutions let’s get to those because that is that’s the most important thing you mentioned Greg having it delivered to a place of business Richard in your opinion is that a good solution

[Richard] I think it’s the absolute best solution if your employer will allow you to have the packages delivered there they’re safe pick them up and I think it’s a great service for a business to offer to all its people well it’s better to have someone there accepting it and if the office is closed then so it gets delivered the next day no big deal

[Sean] exactly right and I think most businesses will allow

[Richard] this I know we will

[Sean] Gregg, I know your company will. Now what’s the next best option?

[Gregg] Postal Service or postal box services are good I feel a great option

[Richard] especially at the holiday is when there’s a lot of packages and present and values up it’s a great option other than just setting yourself up by putting it on the front door because even put it on front door cameras are not going to help you they just get a good picture of whoever stole your stuff it can be it can be frustrating that way

[Sean] there’s also Amazon offers a service called Amazon hub lockers where you can have deliver to those lockers and I think especially because more and more people are ordering online that’s an excellent solution so the bottom line is just don’t have it deliver to your front door front stoop and leave it there and hope that you get home in time because somebody else is gonna get your stuff. If you have questions for our experts or want to see more information on previous questions visit Approved Home Pros.com in our ask an expert section.