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How to Prepare for Changing Utility Rates

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With the upcoming changes in the utility rates, now is the time to prepare in order to avoid a huge utility bill. BVI Solar discusses why the utility rates will be changing and how to prepare for them. Tune in to learn about their great offer!

Details on ‘Rising Utility Rates’

[Jordan]You may have noticed some changes to your electric bill now that the utility company has introduced time-of-use rates but what does that really mean for you as a homeowner so today Tyler from BVI Solar is here to explain. Thanks for being with me.

[Tyler] Thanks for having me.

[Jordan] Let’s just start with what is time of use and what are those rates?

[Tyler] So traditionally when you’re buying electricity you’re buying out a flat rate throughout the day; however with time of use they actually segment the day into different time blocks and the utility might change the prices in some case up to three times as much for certain time blocks.

[Jordan] That is a significant increase. Can you break down  a little bit of what those time blocks are?

[Tyler] Yeah so our local utility here in San Diego has actually shifted it so that the cheapest electricity is between midnight to 6:00 a.m. whereas the most expensive electricity is between 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. which happens to be when everyone comes home from work, gets off school and right before you go to bed.

[Jordan] Absolutely, that’s  when I want to use my electricity, of course, and I’ve seen this messaging it’s come that those exact charts came to my email I opened it up and it tells me the messaging is all about how I’m in control of my energy use and my cost because I have more- it says I have more power I have more control but if I’m limited you know going to work and going to sleep I’m limited to when I can use my utilities… I feel maybe like I have less control. What are you seeing around that?

[Tyler] So you’re absolutely correct and you know the idea of being in control is really more of a marketing campaign, yes you’re in control if you don’t want to use electricity but if you do use electricity you will be charged up to three times as much as you were previously charged just a few months ago for using the exact same amount and the exact same appliances  and the exact same routine, it’s a way for the local utility to help offset some of the causes or the cost for the wildfires they caused and it really helped shareholders.

[Jordan] So, what options do we have to avoid these increases?

[Tyler] So really the  best option for gaining that control back is to go solar and go solar with a battery system solar will actually generate power throughout the day to charge your battery and then as the sun’s going down to end the day and all your lights are coming on and all the the TVs are going on, the battery will kick in and so you’ll actually be running off battery power during those heavy peak times. Sometimes people can use a battery well into, you know, the late evening you know 10:00 p.m. or so and it helps avoid having to pay the local utility any of those high rates.

[Jordan] Wow and very quickly, you have a special when it comes to batteries right now.

[Tyler] We do right now, we’re offering customers up to $500 off a battery if they go through and mention and Approved Home Pros.

[Jordan] Really appreciate that, thank you so much. So go solar with BVI solar today and avoid  anymore rate hikes and changes from the utility company you can find them with all their contact information at Approved Home Pros