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How To Personalize Your Outdoor Space With Accent Features

Learn all about how accent features can enhance and personalize your outdoor living space. System Pavers describes how different design elements provide a finishing touch to your space.


Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Fraser and today it’s all about accent features and how they can enhance and personalize your outdoor living space. So, I’ve come to System Pavers’ design center where I’m here with Chris Brown, an expert on the subject, who’s going to help us learn everything we need to know today. Chris, thanks so much for having us up today. Uh, what is it that we need to talk about when we mean accent features? What is that? Let’s start with that.

Chris: Well, we have so many elements. We have fire pits, water features, pots and planters. We have bird baths, statuary, all different things that can help you personalize your space.

Jordan: So, basically we’re talking about the finishing touches, is that correct? Everything on top of our regular landscape design that will make it pop.

Chris: That’s great. Yeah, that’s exactly it. We have, many times when we meet with a client, they show us these Pinterest boards and these design magazine pictures and we go, they look wonderful because they’re personalized with these design elements, like the fire features and the water elements.

Jordan: So personalization is the key word we want to hone in on now, because that’s part of why it’s so important to think about these when designing your space?

Chris: Right. Well, they’re, they’re really easy to add elements that really personalize that space for you. You can tie it into your home, you could tie it into whatever you want to do with your yard.

Jordan: I love it. So let’s dig into some of those features that you outlined for us upfront, starting with fountains.

Chris: Right. So, fountains, are great for just creating that calm, soothing, ambient noise, but they’re also good for here in Southern California, where we have roads and traffic noise everywhere. They can help mask that sound.

Jordan: Which I love, because I never would’ve thought of that in a million years and I live right by the freeway!

Chris: Right! So yeah, it’s definitely something that helps camouflage that sound and it helps you relax a little bit more.

Jordan: But, also it looks beautiful. And how about fire bowls?

Chris: Fire bowls are great, because you can grab you the wine, the kids can play, have some cocktails and you know, just sit around a fire pit into the evening and entertain your friends.

Jordan: That sounds like exactly what I want to do all weekend, every weekend. So, these are really those lifestyle elements that are going to make you feel at home in your own backyard. What about bird baths or pots, statues, other elements that we talked about?

Chris: Right. Well, these are things that might bring a little flair or pizzazz or even just bring a little nature into your space. You know, bird baths, the birds love to come. And it’s very soothing to see them come and butterflies and hummingbirds and all of these things.

Jordan: So, it’s all about choosing what is going to work for your personal style. Call System Pavers today at 619-312-6760 and get your free design consultation. You can also visit ApprovedHomePros.com/SystemPavers and see all of their current offers.