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How to Paint Like a Pro

When it comes to a DIY paint job vs. a professional job there is definitely a big difference, and we put that to the test with Infinity Painters! Discover the difference between a DIY and professional paint job today.

Details on ‘How to Paint Like a Pro’

[Jordan] have you ever wanted to see how your do it yourself skills stack up against the professionals well when it comes to painting I am doing exactly that today I’ve come to Sherman Williams here in Santee with Debbie from infinity painters thanks so much for having me out with this Brad and I are actually having a paint off today, So, what we’re gonna learn is the difference between what I can do as a homeowner versus what his techniques are as a professional

[Debbie] yes that is true it’s gonna be a fun morning

[Jordan] so talk to me about what it is that we’re gonna actually do

[Debbie] so what we did is we put a line across two pieces of drywall and we just want to see how it looks with the homeowner versus a professional with the taping skills and the cutting in of a straight line

[Jordan] so it’s basically the equivalent of where the wall would meet the ceiling we drew a line to do right so you know where we’re trying to cut the paint off putting the tape on is its own special skill

[Debbie] it absolutely is you’ll see that the professional has a little different technique than you do and just how it works out putting it across the line

[Jordan] absolutely so then it came to the paint and I’m dipping into my paint jar trying to paint in a straight line, which is exceptionally difficult

[Debbie] it is it definitely and when we do it side by side watching the two of you pull it together watching the different techniques and how he starts a little bit lower and builds up to the line it’s it’s gonna be a fun morning

[Jordan] and I loved it that’s what we’re seeing right now you can see that I’m clearly going a little bit outside the box no matter how hard I’m trying but so talk to me about Brad’s technique what is it that he’s doing and why is that the professional technique

[Debbie] so what you want to do is you want to start a little bit below the line wherever you’re trying to cut in whether you’re trying to get a straight line or your going up to that ceiling area you start just below the line and you build up to it and it gives it a little bit cleaner of a line and you can build into that straight line you kind of started at the top and work down

[Jordan] which I think most homeowners do it seemed like the obvious way to go for me was to you know when I’m coloring I want to start at the line and work my way in and when it comes to paint that actually isn’t the best way to go so it’s so exciting to learn a real palatable tip that I can take with me but I can clearly see that the results are significantly straighter on Brad’s lines than both of mine

[Debbie] yes

[Jordan] so now that we’ve taken these tips and given them to homeowners how can infinity painters help everybody out there at home

[Debbie] what we love to do is come out and bring that professional touch to your paint job in your own home and color consultations are included and Sherwin Williams has been really great with us allowing us spring color consultations in and as we talked about before there’s products for every need

[Jordan] and of course you can come check out paints at the stores but you want to give infinity painters a call or find them at approved home pros comm slash infinity paint