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How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air inside your home can be up to ten times more polluted than the air outside? We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air shares what you need to know to improve the air quality in your home.

Details On “How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality”

Jordan: Did you know that the air inside your home can be even 10 times more polluted than the air outside? Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to help with our indoor air quality today. Thanks for joining me.

Bob: Thanks for having me.

Jordan: What factors make it so that our indoor air quality can actually be worse than outside?

Bob: Because your house basically entraps everything. It’s a sealed area. The wind outside, at least it’s blowing all the particles around. Inside your house, it just sits there. Stuff comes out of your attic. You got smells that are coming from chemicals. It’s all just sitting in your house.

Jordan: So what I think of as protecting me is actually just trapping these things all around me.

Bob: It’s just a giant envelope that’s keeping it sealed inside.

Jordan: So, I know you can get kind of air purifiers, air filters at the big box stores. Are those good solutions?

Bob: Not really, because what those products are for is like if you’re right in front of it, it works great, but if you’re trying to do your whole house, it’s never going to do your whole system. You’d have to buy one for every single room to even do something a-

Jordan: Wow.

Bob: Normal system would do.

Jordan: And I don’t imagine that is very cost effective.

Bob: No, it’s not; it’s definitely not.

Jordan: So what are these systems that run through your air conditioning ducts?

Bob: Yes, these systems actually could be applied to most of your existing systems. And, you either have filtration or you have purification, or you can do a combination of both.

Jordan: And what’s the difference, what would I need to know?

Bob: Filtration is going to be, it’s going to take the particles of dust and everything else out of the system. Purification is actually for odors, VOCs, any other chemicals and stuff. Also, if you’re sick and stuff, germs, it helps eliminate those.

Jordan: So I know you guys call that CareAire, and we’ve got a special on that today.

Bob: Yes, we have a $250 off a CareAire product.

Jordan: So that’s a purification system. You said they can be tag-teamed together with the filtration–

Bob: Yes, it can. The ultimate system would be have an air purification system and an air filtration system. The air purification system is like little scrubby bubbles. They go out in your air, they float around your house, they attach themselves onto the particles and stuff and drop to the ground, and you’re able to vacuum them up or clean them up.

Jordan: So this actually would help you get the particles out of the house because as soon as you vacuum them, they go in the vacuum bag and then they go in the trash.

Bob: Correct, and this is actually a product that’s actually used on the Space Station, and also they actually use them in casinos. If you ever notice, you go to a casino and people are smoking, you really don’t get hit by that smell of smoke–

Jordan: Yeah.

Bob: Because these particles drop and hit the ground, and then that’s when it’s on the ground. That’s why the carpet is so bad on the ground in the casinos.

Jordan: Well, thanks so much, Bob. You really should take advantage of that special today; let We Care help with your indoor air quality. Take advantage of that $250 off special, and call 619-333-8646 for your free consultation today.