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How to Get Designer Style at Affordable Prices

Flipping through magazines or scrolling through Pinterest can inspire you to redecorate your home, but often times that kind of style comes at a high price. At Mor Furniture for Less you can get designer style at affordable prices! Discover the amazing pieces at prices at Mor today.

Details on ‘How to Get Designer Style’

[Jordan] Have you been to a beautiful resort lately or seen a beautiful spread in a magazine and thought ‘I really wish I could have that look in my own home’?  Today you can, and I’ve come to Mor Furniture for Less to talk to Josh Tomlinson because it’s easier than ever now to get that designer style without having to hire an interior designer so tell me what we have here at Mor

[Josh] well this is kind of a unique thing we don’t typically handle our showrooms like this but it’s a lot of fun so I’ll give you an example there’s and you could find it you could try to find it yourself but there’s a sofa in here that we use three different times throughout our showroom and in each environment it looks so different it creates a whole different message and feel for that room so it’s a lot of fun so this is a really good example of how you can achieve that professional grade style

[Jordan] first of all the expense obviously that can be quite expensive but you can walk into a room and just say hey I want to buy all of that and

[Josh] yeah I can take that and transfer that into your place and feel that emotion that you felt when you walked up to it so it’s pretty exciting

[Jordan] that is and I love a good scavenger hunt but I will say I have walked around the Mor showroom and didn’t know that until you pointed out that there’s the same couch in these three different locations

[Josh] yeah because that’s what impact all the other pieces that it’s been surrounded with have in transforming how that one couch looks and feels which is something I think everyday shoppers probably struggle with the most when they’re looking for a complete room and they don’t really know where to start

[Jordan] I love that Moore has these beautiful vignettes and they’re all so different and eclectic but it blends the style so seamlessly

[Josh] yeah it’s tough to when you know it’s a consumer you go out and you buy a new sofa it looked right in the showroom yeah when you get it back to your place you don’t have all the rugs and the accessories and things like that to really complement it so just challenging yourself to go out there and take some risk if you have certain pieces in your home that you really love like you know hearts sakes if you’ve been traveling you pick something up you know use that as a hub and come in here and get some inspiration and it’ll be really rewarding so would you recommend people have pieces that they want to make sure they incorporate and incorporate beautifully bring in pictures absolutely

[Jordan] okay see what they’re gonna look like next to some of these vignettes and see how you’re gonna blend the tubes you’ll find similar items you know in a place like this where we’re putting everything together and just really changed it up so it’s pretty fun so you can come in and buy just the entire room right all those pieces have been selected you could come in and buy the room and take it home yeah or you could just go piece by piece what do you recommend

[Josh] I recommend that we deliver it first of all don’t take it off but yeah either one whatever fits you might be incorporating a lot of things from your home into the space so just depends on everybody’s individual needs

[Jordan] if you’re looking for that beautiful resort you stayed at or that magazine page that you saw come to mor furniture for less and you can get a beautifully designed room for a fraction of the price of paying an interior designer