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How to Choose the Right Stone

When it comes to choosing the right stone for your outdoor space, where do you start? The experts at Thompson Building Materials are here to guide you toward your perfect fit. Tune in to learn more about stone and how the experts at Thompson Building Materials can help.

Details on ‘How to Choose the Right Stone’

[Jordan] If you love the look of stone how do you choose between the different types of natural stone or manufactured stone when there are so many choices available so today I’ve come to the experts at Thomson Building Materials here with Derekl Pritchett and he’s gonna walk us through it because Thompson first of all just has an incredible selection of everything under the sun when it come to building materials there’s quite a selection here and oftentimes the consumer this little overwhelmed with the selection options that are available but thank goodness there’s experts like you and your team who can help guide us to materials that are perfect for our needs but today we want to dig into stone specifically.

[Derek] We look at how big the area that you’re gonna be covering, you know it’s at a fireplace you want to go with a smaller format if is it a larger wall a bigger area maybe a larger format so it doesn’t look as busy so you’re looking at whatever style profile it’s gonna best fit your space and then color is important and so much some of that is just personal taste of.

[Jordan] Of course right, so much of it is considering the rest of the home and the whole environment, you know.

[Derek] When you’re trying to design and create and with natural stone there’s a misconception that people think that natural stone is twice as much money as manufactured stone that’s not necessarily true and natural stone has come way down in price and they’re very competitive but you can’t control the color of natural stone. Some people want that control feature or functionality, which manufactured stone does provide so there’s no variant and it’s gonna be that every time because it’s exactly what it is so it satisfies both needs.

[Jordan] So if you want it very controlled and I can’t deviate from this color palette then go with manufacture stone.

[Derek] Definitely to go natural stone could have some fun variation in it but it’s a natural product and it’s gonna be that color actually pick out your specific palette and look at different ones and see where you prefer the colors on one palette over the other which is really kind of a exceptionally personal way to go about your remodel and we have a great show room here with a lot of parts on display to allow you to experience the materials and touch and feel and get a sense of how they’re gonna be used in the space. We have everything from panels individual stones so the selection process is easy because we’re  here to help.

[Jordan] The best part is that you’re never alone when it comes to select process you want to come visit Thompson just five miles outside of downtown.