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How Title 24 Affects You

By now, you’ve probably heard of Title 24 and the requirements in place to make buildings more energy efficient. Point Loma Electric & Plumbing joins us to discuss how Title 24 can affect you and what you need to know.

Details on ‘How Title 24 Affects You’

[Jordan] have you heard of title 24 there are some new building energy efficiency standards coming into play these days so Jim dent from point loma electric and plumbing is here how to explain how it affects you so Jim thanks for coming in to share this with us

[Jim] Happy to be here Jordan.

[Jordan] let’s start with what is title 24

[Jim] Title 24 is a term that is associated with the California Energy Commission which was begun in 1976 enacted into law in 1978 and throughout the years the energy efficient lighting specifically an electrical work has been upgraded almost every couple of years

[Jordan] So we’re finding that year-over-year there are changes to that you actually have a story about how you actually learn about the law

[Jim] in 1992 I did a new construction job on a three-story condo complex on Rosecrans and at the time we had about 40 recessed can lights that had to go in they were all incandescent which was the norm at the time when my inspector came in to inspect the electrical work he said those can lights are no longer approved because everything now has to be fluorescent in kitchens and bathrooms so I had to change 40 can lights out to the pin type fluorescent tubes that can’t be replaced with a standard medicine based light bulb

[Jordan] Wow and thankfully those are more energy efficient these days and actually better quality so you’re even getting more light

[Jim] well the fluorescents are being phased out as well they went from the big fat tubes which were t12 so the skinny tubes which were t8 for strip lighting and now those are being phase out all over California are being replaced with LED lights that are going to be the norm from now on so a mostly the title’s 24 mostly impacts new construction projects but it’s also kind of impactful if you’re making changes at your own home

[Jordan] I know you’ve made some changes at my own personal home well sure I put in all recessed lighting in my home in my house was built in 1956 and redid all the ceiling lights with LED can lights and the lighting is better the dimmable dim ability is better there just overall better fixtures and better light and are you finding savings on your electric bill as well

[Jim] oh absolutely I couldn’t specify an exact amount but I say about twenty dollars a month I save on energy with the LED lights including my landscape lighting last June

[Jordan] Thank you, Jim. So, when you need an electrician to work on the elements in your home you want to work with the experts at Point Loma Electric call six one nine six one eight zero one eight eight or find them on Approved Home Pros.com.