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How the BedGear Mattress Can Help You

Finding the right mattress can be a challenge and then a few years later, the hard mattress you loved becomes softer. Thanks to Mor Furniture for Less, the new BedGear Mattress allows you to adjust your springs as you please. Discover this new mattress at Mor Furniture!

Details on ‘BedGear Mattress’

[Jordan] Mor Furniture for Less has a long history of being an incredible mattress store so I’m excited today to be here at the Mor Furniture in Miramar location with Josh Tomlinson, General Manager, where we’re talking all about coming back to mattresses because you have this new line of BedGear products which is really incredible so it’s everything we need for the bed.

[Josh] Yeah absolutely, so I’ll start with the pillow because I think that’s what they’re most known for is their pillows. They have performance based pillows that are moisture and heat managing so they’re gonna pull heat away from your body and the head holds about 30% of that heat so the pillow makes a lot of sense to begin there.

[Jordan] Great place to start.

[Josh] Yes, and then you go into their other bedding components, which is a mattress protector and then also sheets that go on top of that.

[Jordan] This is very, very soft. Very cool to touch.

[Josh] So, what this is gonna do it’s gonna complement the whole system starting with the pillow, the bedding and then the mattress. So getting into the mattress…

[Jordan] This is a mock up of the mattress.

[Josh] So, if I close it this is just a very small mattress. Yeah, okay so the same technology that they use in the cooling factors of the sheets, the protectors and pillows are in the actual top of the mattress cover. Which unzips comes off completely then you have your comfort layer, which is a series of different high quality foams and then that comes off then you see the support core of the mattress, which is a coil unit that you can change and then that changes as you want to go firmer or softer and you just reinsert a new unit so you can buy it after the fact. Change it any time.

[Jordan] So once you have the, let’s call it a shell of the mattress you can really continue to customize your sleep patterns based on if your needs change at all over the years, which is huge.

[Josh] Everybody’s after the most comfortable supportive mattress, at the same time controlling all the heat especially in San Diego where it gets warm.

[Josh] Yeah, this is an incredible system to help you sleep cool and stay comfortable.

[Jordan] That’s what really gives you that feeling of being cozy is when you are sleeping cool actually because you’re you know bundled up nicely but I can’t believe that this just folds up and it you know it comes in these different packages and you just kind of assemble yourself.

[Josh] It’s very cool. You could literally do this yourself it comes in four different boxes all the components are very manageable. They’re very lightweight and you just put it together yourself or we’ll do that as a courtesy obviously we have free delivery for this product but if you’re in a in a bind and you need it right now we have it all available in our warehouse.

[Jordan] That’s incredible, thank you so much. You want to get the best sleep that you possibly can and the BedGear products here at Mor Furniture for Less in Miramar can help. Come check it out today.