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How Retrofit Windows Can Change the Look of Your Home

It’s amazing how a simple transformation can completely change the look of your home. Thanks to Window World, find out just how easy it is to change out your old windows for retrofit windows today!

Details on ‘Retrofit Windows’

[Jordan] Retrofit windows can give your home a big refresh, and it’s so much easier than you might think. So today I’ve come to a job site with a Window World, I’m here with Gene Bryan checking out what the guys are actually doing to transform this home. So let’s talk about what the homeowner needed here?

[Gene] Yes, is a really nice easy job because it is a standard retrofit job, which means she had all Aluminum windows, they were single pane with the old Aluminum frames and we’re doing a retrofit install here today. So it’s a very easy install. They actually came here got here a little earlier than we did today. And they were removed all 12 of her windows within about an hour to an hour and a half. And actually started installing the new one!

[Jordan] Yes, so we’ve been here filming checking out the guys that work and it is going so incredibly quickly. I can’t believe this massive transformation is making such a big difference for how the home looks and how the homeowners going to experience the home. But it’s really not going to take much more than just this morning.

[Gene] Yes they’ll probably be finished by about 12 or 1 o’clock today. So you figure 12 windows now this is a ranch so its a one story. So they’re pretty easy to get to and also the look that its going to give the house is just incredible. I mean you can see this wider casing behind us on the window, it just looks so much nicer than that old narrow aluminum window did.

[Jordan] It looks beautiful but that’s only one of the many perks that this homeowner is experiencing. Why does she want new windows in the first place?

[Gene] Well she just talked to us a little while ago and she said she was absolutely freezing inside the house. We’ve had a pretty cold winter this year.

[Jordan] Yeah!

[Gene] And she was getting a lot of cold air coming through the windows with the single pane Aluminum windows.

[Jordan] That’s no Insulation!

[Gene] None whatsoever. I mean its just blasting her. And Aluminum is a big conductor as well. She’s getting dual-pane, argon gas, Low-E 3 windows which is going to eliminate that cold air coming through the glass.

[Jordan] The other exciting part of this job was that she was thrilled at the price. And typically, when we talk about price having a bid that comes in significantly lower than the competitors or significantly lower than you might of expected is kind of a red flag, but that’s not the case with Window World which is so exciting.

[Gene] I know. She was amazed. She told me, she was actually said that her price was about half of what she had anticipated. But we have such buying power, we are so large. We are the largest window replacement company in the country. All independently owned. And our pricing is so good we can sell a high quality window for a very, very low price.

[Jordan] So take advantage of the value that you can get with new retrofit windows today! Call Window World or find them at ApprovedHomePros.com.