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How LLumar Films Can Prevent Sun Damage

There’s nothing worse than having your beautiful flooring, furniture and priceless family photos fade over time. LLumar Films by NU-VUE Window Films is the perfect and simple solution to protect your belongings from sun damage.

Details on ‘Llumar Films’

[Jordan] window films are an easy upgrade that can add big benefits to your home so today rego Perez from NUVUE window films is here to introduce us to Llumar films thanks so much for being with me today

[Rego] thank you for having me

[Jordan] let’s just dive right into the benefits that homeowners are gonna get if they choose these Llumar films for their windows

[Rego] with Llumar films you get heat rejection, UV protection and comfort

[Jordan] those are three incredible opportunities to consider for your home because heat reduction I want to have less heat in my home the windows are a big source of that how much heat reduction do we get with these window films

[Rego] well the Llumar brand has heat rejection from 50% to 84%

[Jordan] that’s a big reduction that I can see is that gonna affect my a/c bills absolutely so what about the UV protection why is that so important

[Rego] the UV protection will protect from fading your furniture, your carpet, your shutters, blinds, wood floors

[Jordan] absolutely and what how much percentage-wise are we talking about does it reject the UVs

[Rego] it will reject 99% of the UV rays

[Jordan] that is HUGE I’m thinking of all the photographs that are gonna get saved I hate when I go into a home and I see those faded photos from the Sun

[Rego] absolutely that will help with it and comfort

[Jordan] we touched on it’s going to lower your a/c bills because you can run it a little bit less cuz it won’t be quite as hot which is great but also comfort because I want to enjoy my view and my windows exactly so now when you add window films to your house you can sit in a room and still enjoy the light enjoy the views without feeling the heat which we pay so much for in San Diego so we definitely want to make sure we enjoy those beautiful but you’re not limited to just one style is the key so we’ve got these two examples one a bit darker and one a bit lighter exactly but there’s a whole range of products in between

[Rego] this as well absolutely the one the lighter film will reject 50% of the heat the darker one will reject 84% of these

[Jordan] but of course you’re still going to be able to enjoy a beautiful view out these windows absolute and when you come to someone’s home you actually do that how do you help them choose the right film for their needs

[Rego] well we sit down with a consumer and we talk about their needs what are they looking for are they looking for a heat rejection are they looking for just UV protection so we pinpoint with the what their needs are and we’ll find film exactly for their needs

[Jordan] thank you so much so get your loom our films from new you window films today. You can find them on Approved Home Pros.com