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How Home Security Systems Work

There are many misconceptions about how home security works. Knight Security shares how home security provides you and your family peace of mind.

Details On “How Home Security Systems Work”

Jordan: There are many misconceptions about how home security works, so Richard Mates from Knight Security is here to help me get to the bottom of it. Thanks for joining me today.

Richard: Well thank you for having me.

Jordan: I do already have a little bit of an inside scoop because Knight Security is the company that secures my home and it gives me such great peace of mind. But why don’t we tell everyone out there what actually happens when the alarm system goes off.

Richard: Okay. When your alarm system activates at your home, the signal automatically comes to the central station of the alarm company, being Knight Security. Transmission time’s about 2.5 seconds from your home.

Jordan: Which is incredibly fast.

Richard: Incredibly fast. Our operator now knows the cross-street, what type of alarm’s taking place whether it’s a burglary or fire or medical, and then based on that information, we would be calling your home to confirm that it’s a real event. We have a passcode set up so we know we’re talking to you and if we get that, everything’s good. If not, we’re sending the authorities.

Jordan: So that’s really the difference because the big misconception that I think is out there is that when the alarm is going off it’s directly calling the police or the fire department.

Richard: That’s exactly right. A lot of people believe that and it’s not true. All alarm signals go to a central station facility designed to receive that signal.

Jordan: And all those benefits that you said, I can see why it’s a better way to go because you guys already have so much information.

Richard: Exactly right. The operators are trained to handle the alarm, they know exactly what’s taking place and which numbers to call to let the police or fire know exactly what’s taking place.

Jordan: And so you mentioned that there was a verification call to the homeowner when the alarm is going off. That works a bit differently when it’s a fire alarm, correct?

Richard: Exactly. The California Fire Code requires that a fire alarm received by us we immediately dispatch the fire department ’cause we want to get the fire department there as quickly as possible.

Jordan: Absolutely. One of my favorite things about Knight Security is that the central station for you guys is located right here in Escondido. How does that differ from those big national companies?

Richard: Well, it’s a private central station owned by Knight Security. We have just the information of our clients. You’re not getting some type of an answering machine, you’re talking to an operator the minute we pick up that phone.

Jordan: And who doesn’t love that?

Richard: It works.

Jordan: When you mention Approved Home Pros, you will save ten percent up to $500, so do what I did. Get the peace of mind that knowing your family and your home are protected when you get a security system from Knight Security. Get started today at 619-797-6603.