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How Emergency Panic Buttons Can Help You

Richard Mates from Knight Security discusses emergency panic buttons and the benefits of them at this week’s Safe at Home. Learn how to use them and how they can help you.

Details on ‘Emergency Panic Buttons’

[Richard Mates]  hi this is Richard made some night security and this is safe at home a little bit of insight into protecting you and your family the one we all love which is your family in your home we’ve talked about burglary we’ve talked about fire I want to talk about panic buttons on all security keypads nowadays there are at least police fire and medical panic buttons that are on all the time 24 hours a day whether your system is armed or disarmed this is something great to show the kids should they be home by themselves or an elderly person that there is a way to directly get paramedics to the home by simply depressing a button and the central station which you see behind me is trained to receive these signals and dispatch the police fire or medical many times faster than even the public agency so if you have any questions on this or another topic please let me know at six one nine seven nine seven six six zero three and please be safe at home