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How Easy are Security Systems?

Safe at Home helps you protect your home and provides tips for your security system. Richard Mates from Knight Security explains just how easy security systems are nowadays to dispute any confusion.

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[Richard] Hi, this is Richard Mates from Knight Security, and this is Safe at Home, some insight into home security, and a question I receive almost on a daily basis is how easy is it to really run an alarm system? Frankly, the alarm industry really listened to customers and have made security systems very, very easy to operate. We not only have the installers help you, but we have trained people at our office that can give you additional training if that’s ever needed, but it’s rare. Your system is set up to be easy to operate because we want you to use it like the seat belts in your car, every time you leave the home, and then your house will have the added protection that you want to invest in. And if you do have questions on this topic or any other, you can call me at Knight Security, and I’d be delighted to help you. And please be safe at home.