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How Do You Store Your Seasonal Items?

It’s the time of year we all realize just how much stuff we have. How do you store your seasonal items? Classy Closets shares storage tips for things that you don’t use year round. 

Details On “How Do You Store Your Seasonal Items?”

Sean: It’s the time of year we all realize just how much stuff we have. How do you store your seasonal items? Kate from Classy Closets is here to help make it easier. Kate, glad you’re here. I need help with this and I’m actually the one that came up with the topic because our garage is full of seasonal items and it’s half torn apart, it’s a mess. Am I alone in that? 

Kate: No, no, it’s pretty typical actually. Pretty typical.

Sean: So, seasonal items are a big thing I think people deal with. We’re dealing with summer things still sitting there, fall things out, Christmas sitting there. How do you approach, design, and helping somebody with that situation? 

Kate: Basically I take a look at what they have and then I try to sort it into sections. So here’s your Christmas cabinet. Here’s your Thanksgiving cabinet. Here’s your Halloween cabinet. Here’s your golf cabinet. Here’s your beach cabinet. And then just inside the garage door is usually a dead space because of that I-

Sean: Right. 

Kate: I like to put some slat-wall there and hang the beach chairs, or hang the beach balls in a net bag. That kind of thing so everything is off the floor. Because the idea is to keep everything clear. 

Sean: Clear, but easy to find when you need it. 

Kate: Exactly.

Sean: What if somebody has a hobby? I want to put a music studio in my garage. Some people like biking. What do you do with that? 

Kate: The bikes are a challenge because they take up quite a bit of space, you know, because there’s two ways of storing bikes, you can store them sideways, or you can store them from the front wheel coming down, but they still stick out about three feet. So they take up quite a bit of space. Some people hang them from the ceiling, but it depends on how high your garage is. So yeah, usually bikes are the biggest challenge actually in a garage. 

Sean: Yeah, I bet. And I would imagine that once you do this, the impact quickly that people see is a tremendous change, tremendous impact.

Kate: Well it’s just everything is clear and clean and you can see everything and then a lot of people have narrow garages because they’re building them smaller and smaller now. We now have a new sliding-door garage system, so that you don’t open the doors they actually slide. And so that means that you can get easier access with the cars in the garage. 

Sean: Great inputs, thank you so much. Taking control of your seasonal storage will make your life easier. Get started with a consultation from Classy Closets, you can find them at approvedhomepros.com