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How A Water Filtration System Can Change Your Lifestyle

Do you have problem water at your home? Hague Quality Water explains the solutions they offer so you can enjoy clean water.

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Jordan: Do you have problem water at your home? You actually can have some solutions when you talk to Hague Quality Water. So today, I’m on site with Bert. We’re talking about what problem water is, and how you can fix it with a system from Hague. So why don’t you tell me what is in San Diego water that makes it problem water.

Bert: Okay, so most of the city water tends to be really hard, which is basically dissolved rock.

Jordan: Yes.

Bert: It tends to have a lot of chlorine, which produce bad tastes and odors. And has high dissolved solids. It has a lot of stuff in the water that most of our clients don’t like.

Jordan: Well then, you said we’re talking about bad tastes in the water, but also that’s what leaves streaks on your windows, you know, you’re laundry might not come out quite right.

Bert: Right. Hard water is dissolved rock, which produces spotting, streaking, staining. All you clothes don’t come out as white and bright. It produces skin and hair problems. It’s just a lot of problems for a typical home owner.

Jordan: So today we’re on a job site in Ramona, where you’re installing a system to correct this. This is kind of a special case. Why don’t you tell me about this home?

Bert: So these folks happen to be in the best of both worlds. They actually have well water that they use for all the outside irrigation, which is 90% of the water used. But, then they’re using the city water inside the house. But, again, it’s producing spotting, streaking, staining. Doesn’t taste good, and they want to improve the quality of their life by having high quality water throughout the entire house.

Jordan: Because, even if you don’t have a well, the landscaping issue of water is not really what we’re worried about dealing with today. So, let’s talk about the water that we’re working with, and the water that we’re drinking. How is this system, what kind of affects is it going to have on this family?

Bert: Okay, so we put the Water Max System on the main water line to the house. So, everything inside the house is treated water. High quality water. Tastes great, smells great, the clothes come out whiter and brighter.

Jordan: Feels great.

Bert: Feels great. No more spotting, streaking, staining in the shot glass, glass shower doors, shower curtains. Around the kitchen faucets, everything is better.

Jordan: So, Bert, what sort of life style changes is this family going to have to make to use this system once it’s finally installed?

Bert: Well, they’re going to have to break some old habits. The biggest one is to use less soap and cleaning product, like in the laundry. If they normally fill up this much, they’re going to want to cut it in half, and cut it in half again.

Jordan: Wow!

Bert: And that applies to everything. In the dishwasher, just a teaspoonful of soap. In the showers, less shampoos, conditioners, everything. And that’s one reason how the system will pay for itself.

Jordan: Because you’re changing nothing about what you’re doing, you’re just using less products.

Bert: Right. All those soap and cleaning products we have, have chemical water softening compounds in them. You don’t need that any more, because once the water is treated, it’s high quality water. You don’t need to clean the water first. You can just use the products and you can use natural soap products now. You don’t need everything with the harsh chemicals and additives and things like that.

Jordan: Well, thanks so much! If you are not happy with the quality of water in your home, get started with Hague Quality Water today. You can find more information at ApprovedHomePros.com