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Home Security System Phone App

Using your phone to access your alarm system has become increasingly popular. Security Expert, Richard Mates from Knight Security shares how you can easily manage your security system through your phone. Have a home security question? Ask here.

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Richard: Hi, this is Richard Mates at Knight Security, and this is Safe at Home, some insights into home security. And one of the most popular apps that now is available is using your iPhone to actually access your alarm system, arm it, disarm it, check when the kids come home from school, when the housekeeper might arrive. All this information can arrive on your iPhone. It would give you tremendous ability to be comfortable that your home is properly protected when you’re at work, okay? And I want to actually show you how easy this is to do. I’m going to take my personal phone and access onto the website, and that fast, I have the actual app that, you can see it’s green, which shows the house is not armed, and I can arm it with one button. And if you have questions on this app or on any other topic, please give me a ring at 619-979-6603, and be safe at home.