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Home Features To Help You Age-In-Place

As you progress through life, it’s important that your home grows with you. Remodeling your home with aging in place in mind is a good idea if you plan to stay in your home. We consulted our experts on what you should know about aging-in-place. Have a question for our experts? Ask here!

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Sean: It’s time to Ask an Expert. Where we tackle everyday home improvement topics to help you better understand your home. I am here with Gregg Cantor, Resident Expert. Gregg, great to see ya.

Gregg: Hi.

Sean: And Cheryl Robertson, Aging-In-Place Expert. Glad to have you on the show. 

Cheryl: Thank you. 

Sean: So Gregg, let’s start with you. What is aging-in-place? 

Gregg: Just putting in features, either retro-fitting an existing space or remodeling with features to grow into so that you can live safely forever.

Sean: So it’s about staying in your home, staying comfortable for the long term, correct? 

Gregg: Yes, yes. 

Sean: Now Cheryl, this is a topic you are passionate about. Will you share a little bit about where that passion came from? 

Cheryl: About six and a half, seven years ago, my husband became disabled, so we lived this. We found how our home didn’t work for his needs. 

Sean: Yeah, I personally went through an illness a few years ago and I didn’t realize how limiting my own home was. And I think people don’t realize that until their faced with it. 

Cheryl: Right. 

Sean: Today there’s a big move towards remodeling with aging-in-place in mind. Who are we talking to here? Is it seniors or is it people with parents? Who are we talking to? 

Gregg: Pretty much everyone. You could have a disability. It could be our age people or it could be seniors as well. 

Sean: I think in the past it was people taking care of an aging person but now people are remodeling their home thinking about themselves staying in the home for the long term. 

Cheryl: Well when you do a remodel it’s not a short term thing. You need to think about what your needs are now and five, ten years. 

Sean: What are the main rooms that are a challenge when you’re looking at aging-in-place? 

Cheryl: Kitchen and bath. 

Sean: Kitchen and bath? Gregg do you see the same thing in your work? 

Gregg: Exactly, and you know, people think that it’s institutional like a hospital when you do a bathroom or kitchen for aging-in-place. Our designers tell people it’s not because the fixtures and finishes that are available now don’t look institutional. 

Sean: What are the main things to put in place? Some main upgrades that would help with aging-in-place. Grab bars is one? 

Cheryl: Grab bars, no barrier showers, drawers in all the bottom cabinets in the kitchen, the pull-down cabinets from the top so you can reach and even if you’re just height challenged that helps you in your kitchen. 

Sean: So it’s really an approach you take to the remodel process to keep these areas in mind? 

Gregg: Correct. And sometimes people say well we don’t need grab bars now but we’ll put backing in the wall so later on when they need grab bars you can easily add them and you can screw into something. 

Sean: This is a very, very important topic. It’s one that we need to continue to keep in mind. If you have questions for our experts or want to see more information visit ApprovedHomePros.com in our Ask an Expert section.