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Holiday Decorating in One Afternoon

Holiday Decorating in One Afternoon

Holiday decorations have come a long way since your parents used to string those old, clumsy light sets on the bushes. Although some of the “old standby items” still make the cut for decorating, there are a number of non-conventional items you should consider to adorn your home. Here are our tips for holiday decorating in one afternoon:

Rope lights

Also known as tube lights, these decorative lights have been around for a few years and just keep getting better. They can take the form of holiday characters like reindeer and Christmas trees, or you can use their unusual yet handy “shapability” to wrap around porch railings and entry columns.

“Snowflake” lights

Somewhat new to the decorating scene are shimmering snowflakes that stand alone or come as part of a longer strand. Sold typically as 10-packs, the individual snowflakes are strung together and can be placed in windows, trees and bushes or tacked onto shutters or lattice work for a “snowfall” effect.

Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees

Somewhat commonplace, these trees can be assembled in less than five minutes and, thanks to improvements in quality, look like the real thing. As far as lighting is concerned, the fiber optic trees are fantastic.

Commercial-grade light sets

Commercial light sets are stronger and can handle more wear and tear, the bulbs burn brighter and up to six strands can be strung together for greater decorating ability. Make this investment now, and your lights will last year after year without having to be replaced as often.

Light clips

To take the strain out of stringing the house with lights, light clips allow for hanging lights off gutters and around window frames without nails. There are even clips for hanging lights off of bricks for masonry homes. Clear clips can be left on for next year. It’ll make your job that much easier!

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