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History of Thompson

Thompson Building Materials has been around for more than a century and has continued to evolve as times have changed. Discover the amazing history of this local company and what Thompson can offer you.

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[Sean] So I’m here at Thompson Building Materials with my good friend Derek Pritchett, General Manager of Thompson Building Materials. This show were talking about the history of Thompson in general and also here in San Diego. Give me a little bit of a – you’ve been here since about the founding of the place right?

[Derek] Not quite, but I just started my 29th year with the company.

[Sean] So you’ve experienced a lot of the history of it.

[Derek] Seen a lot of history, seen a lot of growth, a lot of change over time.

[Sean] Let’s go back into the original founding of what became Thompson later. What was the early story?

[Derek] Well, it was solely owned and founded by Kenny Thompson. He’s the owner. In 1962 he started the company. Then he acquired San Diego location here in 1968, which was the second location he ever required but it was ER Stong Building Materials back then and prior to that it was WJ Bailey company going back to the late 1800’s.

[Sean] So there’s a lineage from the late 1800s, all the way to today and continually serving San Diego. So that would mean a lot of the historic residences and buildings in this community were supplied with materials from this.

[Derek] Absolutely, yeah absolutely. From our predecessors.

[Sean] That is great, that’s a great thing. Now in terms of Thompson is there anything from that lineage that holds true in terms of cultural values or things that people still experience it might have been from that history?

[Derek] I think it’s always been a strong presence with the community. The local community, whatever location is and servicing the communities and customer service shows that value. It’s an even more so today with the social media so we’re able to expand that value.

[Sean] Yeah I’ve seen that you guys have done what a lot of companies don’t in the building materials is to the consumer side make it really friendly where it’s not just a intimidating contractor yard but consumers can come here and use it and that’s kind of part of that culture also.

[Derek] Absolutely, we’ve actually just recently hired a greeter here. It could be intimidating the type of business for some to come a shop and they think it’s only for the contractors but no or what we’re servicing the homeowner and the retail consumer for years and come on down.

[Sean] In the future as we look at Thompson, so just real briefly, you just seen continued growth in that area where people just more materials, more options.

[Derek] A lot newer materials that are coming on we’re always looking for the newest thing or as materials evolve or profiles evolve changes and use of materials. See a lot of use of brick and stone inside the home now as well.

[Sean] Thank you so much. At Thompson it’s always changing, always great new products, always something to see. Come down to Thompson Building Materials today and you can experience the history and the future for yourself.