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Hire A Home Improvement Contractor With Confidence

Do you stress about home improvements or home repair projects? Do you worry about getting taken advantage of or simply not getting the services that you need? Approved Home Pros shares how our service helps you confidently choose contractors that you can trust.

Details About “Hire A Home Improvement Contractor With Confidence”

Jordan: Do you stress about home improvements or home repair projects? Do you worry about getting taking advantage of or simply not getting the services that you need? Approved Home Pros is here for you. Today I’m with co-founder Sean Johnson, thanks for joining me.

Sean: I’m glad to be here.

Jordan: It’s always exciting to talk about what we do, because there’s so much fear when it comes to homeowners out there who need to take on home improvements. I know, before working here, I was also really scared of those. What should homeowners be looking for when it comes to being confident in a home repair project?

Sean: I think confidence is the key thing. So many people are intimidated by the process of remodeling or improvement because they don’t know who to turn to. Some of the things, if you are doing it on your own, you want to look at licensing. Is the company licensed? So, you can go on the Contractors State License Board and find that out. Also there, you can look at some insurance, but also you want to make sure that it’s just not worker’s comp, but also liability insurance is very important. The companies reputation, how long  they’ve been in business, those kinds of things are very important to do. But, they’re a little bit hard for people to find out on their own.

Jordan: I wouldn’t necessarily know how to do that, so it’s really great news to know that Approved Home Pros does all that work for you.

Sean: Yeah, we go in and we do the work for you to make it easy for you because, I was in the same boat before Approved Home Pros, so I know what it feels like to not know where to turn. So, we do all the work, and every company in our network has been expertly screened and vetted, and they’ve been voted in unanimously by the pros, the experts, that are already in our network. ‘Cause they are local, they’re in the community, and they see the work the contractors do. So, they only let the best companies in our network.

Jordan: And of course, that’s why we are so confident about all of the members that are in our network. Which is why we’re able to offer a guarantee.

Sean: Yeah, I’m very proud of the guarantee. It’s something we’ve done for years anyway, we just didn’t call it the guarantee and promote it, but, anytime you use an Approved Home Pro, you’re going to be satisfied with you’re purchase. If not, we’ll step in to help make it right.

Jordan: Which is important, it gives homeowners that peace of mind.

Sean: Yes, confidence they can’t get anywhere else. I don’t think anybody else could offer that kind of guarantee, especially the national companies that aren’t based here in San Diego, that don’t really know that pros and the work like we do.

Jordan: So, there are so many ways to connect with Approved Home Pros, let’s share.

Sean: Well the main one, of course, is ApprovedHomePros.com. It’s the clearing house for all of the information to where you can find the pros and information about everything with the network. Also, I recommend people log onto our social media channels  We have a lot of great  social media to put out there.

Jordan: At Approved Home Pros.

Sean: Yes, on Facebook. You can call us at 855-840-A-Pro, and also radio show, and here on T.V.

Jordan: There are so many way to connect with Approved Home Pros, that whatever you need for your home, we are here to help. Log onto ApprovedHomePros.com.