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Helpful Steps to Planning Your Kitchen: Part 2

Helpful Steps to Planning Your Kitchen: Part 2

Last week, we covered planning your kitchen, part one. We talked about:

Step 1: How you use your kitchen
Step 2: Thinking about features.
And step 3: Considering styles.

Today, in part two, we cover the remaining 3 steps.

Step 4: thinking about your work centers

Most kitchens are designed around four work centers: the cleanup center, the cooking center, the storage center and the mixing, or preparation center. If space permits, some designers also include a serving center. Each work center has specific amount of space needed.  Log on to acehardware.com for specific measurements.

Step 5: the work triangle

Kitchen layouts are based on a concept called the work triangle. The work triangle consists of imaginary lines that connect the refrigerator, the range and the sink. For maximum comfort and efficiency, the three legs of the work triangle should total between 23-26 feet. There are four basic kitchen layouts:  the one-wall or galley, the corridor, the L-shaped and the U-shaped. There are, of course, a nearly infinite variety of layouts, but most are based on these four.

Step 6: selecting cabinets

Cabinets can also be divided into basic types. Assuming that you’re considering modular (pre-manufactured) cabinets rather than custom, there are four basic types of base cabinets:

  • A standard base has one drawer, with a door and shelves below.
  • A drawer base has three or four stacked drawers.
  • A sink base is open below, with a door below a single false drawer front. In some brands, the drawer front tilts out to provide storage for sponges and cleaning supplies.
  • A corner base fits in a corner. It may have a lazy susan inside or shelves.

Naturally, there are a wide range of variations on these four basic styles.

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