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Health Conscious Pest Control Options

Finding pests or termites in your home can be startling and scary. Sue Fries, The Termite Lady from Ecola Termite & Pest shares the most common types of pests you’ll see in San Diego and the things you need to know to get rid of them successfully.

Details About “Health Conscious Pest Control Options”

Lynda: Finding pests or termites in your home can be startling and scary. Sue Fries, the termite lady from Ecola Termite and Pest Control, is here to share the top things you need to know to get rid of them successfully. And thanks for being here.

Sue: Thanks for having me.

Lynda: Yeah, so San Diego, what are the top pests that we generally see?

Sue: Well, you know, termites like to live where we like to live. And San Diego, is there a better place in this world to live than San Diego? The climate is perfect for us, and for termites. That’s why our office is here. And, San Diego is one of our top termite counties. So, yes, it’s wonderful for termites.

Lynda: Oh my gosh. I’ve had them falling from the ceiling before And my kids are

Sue: Oh no.

Lynda: still traumatized by that. 

Sue: I’m sorry.

Lynda: But I know you’re very health conscious.

Sue: Yes.

Lynda: You have a son with asthma, and so, the way that you take care of this is very important to you, you and your company. So, do we have to fumigate?

Sue: That’s the good news. No, you do not have to fumigate. There are times when we wait too long, and there is too much damage and too much infestation, and then we will recommend fumigation. And, Ecola does do fumigation. But it is not your only option. And, take care of it while it’s small. Call us out, inspection is free. And then, we will sit down at the table with a cup of coffee or a glass of water, we’ll explain what we’ve found and what your options are. We have all of them. And so, then we could take care of it with doing heat, which is clean hot air. We can take care of it with electric gun, 9,000 volts of electricity to zap them dead. And, we’ll just take care of it. So, all we need to do is listen to you, we ask you questions, listen to you, and then we will individualize the best solution for you.

Lynda: Okay, so we know that there are other pests and rodents out there.

Sue: Yes.

Lynda: So, what can we do about that?

Sue: Call us. Just call us. That’s what you need to do. So, for instance, rodent exclusion. With a rodent exclusion, we come, we close up the openings a quarter or larger. And then we will set traps, we will come back on a weekly basis for four visits. And, take care of what’s there. And we put a warranty in there so that we will take care of anything that comes after that, also, if there is another family that happens to find your home.

Lynda: That’s part of an offer that you have out there today too.

Sue: Yes. $100 off any rodent exclusion, or termite job that you need done. Just call us, we will take care of it for you.

Lynda: Alright, Sue, thank you. You can count on the experts at Ecola to help keep your home pest and termite free, thanks to a wide range of solutions. You can find Ecola, and other top pros, at ApprovedHomePros.com.