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Grow Pumpkins Like a Pro

Grow Pumpkins Like a Pro

The weather is starting to turn, according to Tiger Palafox at Mission Hills Nursery. Fall is right around the corner, and many people think of pumpkins when they think of fall. Tiger visited The Home Pro Show to help us grow pumpkins like a pro.

Pumpkins take about 90-100 days to hit maturity, so if you wanted a pumpkin for Halloween, you likely planted during late July or early August.

Take care of your growing crop! At this phase of your pumpkins growth, mildew can be a real issue. Solve that with a fungicide.

Also strive to keep it out of the soil as much as possible, and rotate it so it grows into a desirable shape. Letting it lean to one side or the other can cause one side to rot or grow unevenly.

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