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GROW LIKE A PRO – Trees San Diego

GROW LIKE A PRO – Trees San Diego

In this week’s Grow Like a Pro segment, Tiger Palafox from Mission Hills Nursery’s talked about the importance of brining trees back to San Diego with the Tree San Diego program.

We highly encourage you to take a look at www.TreeSanDiego.org . This site helps you impact the quantity of quality of our urban forest here in San Diego County.  On the site, you can find great information about trees in San Diego and how you can help play a part in improving the urban forest in your neighborhood.

Trees are very important to our community.  You may not have thought about the benefits of trees, but trees can play a key role in:

  • Carbon Removal
  • Soil Conservation
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Noise Reduction
  • Water Control
  • Community Enrichment
  • Improved Real Estate Values
  • And much, much more.

In Fact, trees can also have great health benefits.  Studies have shown that hospital patients who have a room with a view of trees recover faster, and with fewer complications, than similar patients without these views.

At www.TreesSanDiego.org , you can access a tree map that allows you to identify trees near you, find native ones, ones that bear edible fruit, flowering trees or find the biggest ones in your neighborhood.  You can also add trees to the map and provide key information that builds the knowledge base about San Diego trees.  You can even edit tree information and ensure the most current tree information is available.

This great site also provides information about the Tree Steward Program, helps you find ways to get involved in your community, get information about the importance of trees in San Diego and much more.

The Tree San Diego organization came to be in 2013, when the California Center for Sustainable Energy decided to help develop a tree-focused organization here in San Diego. Additional backing came in the form of a grant from CAL FIRE.  Together, Tree San Diego was formed.  Additional collaboration from the Mission Hills Garden Club helps make the site and the organization even better.

Please visit Tiger and Mission Hills Nursery for help with any garden needs…including trees.

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