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Grow Like A Pro: Harvesting Crops

Grow Like A Pro: Harvesting Crops

It’s time to start thinking about picking those fruits and vegetables you planted back in the spring. Tiger Palafox from Mission Hills Nursery joined us recently to share some tips on harvesting crops.

Do your research

Research your plants to know what an expected ripening size is and about how long that takes. A lot of people hope for a record-setting veggie, but in reality, waiting for it to grow that large will only make you miss prime picking time. For example, a ripe zucchini should be between 6-8 inches, with a good diameter.

In the world of fruits and vegetables, bigger isn’t always better. Knowing the proper size and feel of your mature crop will help you pick it when the flavor is at its peak.

Watch for birds

Also watch out that birds might start harvesting crops for you. Deterrents like a bird net or bird tape can be helpful tools to make sure you are the one eating the fruits of your labor. Bird netting loosely covers plants while reflective bird tape mimics motion, which scares birds away.

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