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GROW LIKE A PRO- Fertilizing Edibles

GROW LIKE A PRO- Fertilizing Edibles

Fertilizing Edibles

To grow, plants need a combination of energy from the sun, nutrients from soil and water to stay healthy.  Soil holds nutrients that plants draw from.  Some soil holds more nutrients than others. Newly cultivated soil is often low in nutrients and can be aided with the addition of fertilizer.  With the popularity of edibles today, we are going to focus on fertilization amounts for different types of edibles.

Plants all remove nutrients from the soil.  Some more than others.  These “large appetite” plants can quickly take all the nutrients from the soil and produce a less-than-stellar outcome…that is unless you supplement the soil with fertilizer.  Light feeding plants need less nutrition in the soil, but still can benefit from fertilization.

Fertilizing can be very helpful early on, when the plants are growing quickly.  One very good option is to mix fertilizer into each planting hole, or mix it into planting beds.  You may also add liquid fertilizer once a week or so to get an extra boost.

Light feeding edibles should start off with a small amount of fertilizer.  Then, they generally won’t need any additional feeding after that point.  Light feeders include:

•Bush beans



More moderate feeders usually need drainage and mulch more than feeding.   They also respond well to liquid plant food.  Moderate feeders include:


•Sweet potatoes



Heavier feeders, like tomatoes, need lots of nitrogen.  Mix fertilizer into the planting holes as you put in there heavy feeders.









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