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15 Ways You Can Go Green – Part 1

15 Ways You Can Go Green – Part 1

15 Ways You Can Go Green – Part One

Going “green” is the rage today. Your family – andyour home – should be no different. There are fifteen easy projects that save money, reduce environmental footprint and help you and your family to play your eco-part in no time.

Here are the first several tips.  Look for future posts with more of these eco-friendly projects.

1.  Compact florescent bulbs (CFLs) can use up to 66% less energy than conventional bulbs and can last up to 5 years. Replacing the 5 most often used bulbs in your home can save you $60 per year.

2. Buy a jacket for your water heater. Insulating jackets can be fitted on most conventional water heaters.  This will reduce the number of times a water heater cycles though heating.

3. A dripping faucet or leaking toilet can waste up to 20 gallons of water each and every day. Fix those leaks, save water and money with ease.

4. Get a rain barrel…Placing a rain barrel under your down spout will capture water for your lawn, garden or even to wash your car.

5. Plant a tree.  This will reduce your home’s carbon footprint by producing oxygen we all need as the plant takes in the CO2 that contributes to global warming.

6. A ceiling fan can keep you cool in summer and also move warm air in winter.  Both can help you avoid the thermostat and the costs & environmental impact that goes with it.

Look for more tips coming soon.

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