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Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Although it hasn’t felt like the warm May we are used to, the official start to summer is Memorial Day! Don’t wait for the weather to warm up, start preparing your pool for summer now with Payan Pool Service.

Details on ‘Get Your Pool Ready for Summer’

[Sean] The unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day and it’s coming close. Is your pool ready? Javier from Payan Pools is here with us to help make sure your pool is ready for that first time you’re going to enjoy it the summer.

[Javier] Yeah, hi Sean. Thank you for having me.

[Sean] I’m glad you stuck around. Earlier we talked about water safety.

[Javier] Right.

[Sean] Maintenance is a really also important topic. What are some of the keys to maintaining your pool and getting it ready for summer?

[Javier] Well the main thing is you want to make sure you’re on a regular schedule and have it cleaned. A lot of times we tend to forget about things. Things are looking good and we kind of let go. As far as our maintenance program, we’re there once a week on a residential and we’re there like clockwork but as we get ready for the swim season you want to make sure you maintain a clean filter all that water is going through there and if the filter is dirty you’re running clean water through a dirty filter. Not good. Keep a clean filter. Another thing to think about is your pool and spa heater. A lot of people never touch them until they turn them on but you get little critters in there and spiders and cobwebs and rodents it and get in there wreak havoc so when you go to have that big party, you turn it on, nothing works. So you want to make you want to be proactive on that. And lastly something people don’t think about is the drain covers in your pool and spa. Manufacturers recommend you replace them about every three to five years because the sun’s UV rays and the chlorinated water break down the plastic and they become brittle.

[Sean] So it’s a safety issue in itself.

[Javier] Oh yeah, definitely. So, unfortunately there’s in the past there’s been a lot of suction entrapment hazards and you know accidents with a broken or missing drain coverage. So, you want to stay proactive with that too and replace them before they break.

[Sean] And I think most people don’t think about that as they’re going through their busy life.

[Javier] Exactly, yeah it’s kind of out of sight if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

but you know there’s a lot of things you can do proactively to enjoy your summer, not create a big crisis.

[Sean] And my question I always have is, what’s time worth? You know I think people can do a lot of these things themselves, the maintenance pool even the pool water chemistry but having somebody like you do that, your company, it makes it so much easier it takes your mind off having it.

[Javier] Exactly so for example if you’re taking care of your own pool Sean you know you’re probably doing on a Saturday after you’re done with work you got to go to the pool supply store and get your chemicals. We come out, we handle everything for you. You just come and enjoy your backyard.

[Sean] And you look at all those little things to make sure everything is in line the way it needs to be so you can enjoy your pool anytime.

[Javier] Sure our Tech’s are proactive and the report problems right away, so we get right on top of it.

[Sean] Thank you Javier. These are the reasons why we recommend Payan Pools.  Leave the regular pool maintenance to the experts. Call them today at 619- 202-1153  or you can find them on ApprovedHomePros.com.