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Get Your Home Checklist Competed Easily with Mr. Handyman

Finding “a guy” to help with minor home projects has never been easier than with Mr. Handyman. Their licensed technicians are ready to help you complete your home checklist, and even provide a checklist for you to see if other common repairs make sense at your home, too!

Details on ‘Home Checklist from Mr. Handyman’

[Sean] Everyone loves to be in the know and have a guy to get things done. Thankfully, for most small project that guy to turn to is Mr. Handyman. Today, I’m with Bill Cone and you’re my guy. I use you, and you  and Mr. Handyman are great, great service and great additions to the Approved Home Pro network. I want to talk about your checklist that you have, and I use it all the time. Tell people what the checklist is and so people understand what we’re talking about.

[Bill] So, we provide a checklist to our customers either before we come or while we’re there. What it does is that it breaks down the type of things that we can do and it breaks it down by room in your house. The bathroom, kitchen, garage, living room. It allows people to look at those tasks that we do on a regular basis and remind themselves what they may need to get done and tells them, yes Mr. Handyman can do these type of things for you.

[Sean] Yes, some of the ways that I use it, to me, I view it almost as a home maintenance list and things that I need to be aware of. Let’s take a look at the list for a second and let’s dial down into the first section, which is bathrooms. Sure. So those I’m sure that these are some common issues that people have are they some of the most common calls you’ve get?

[Bill] Sure. Most of our calls are in the bathroom or part of it. Some of the work is in the bathroom. There is you know light plumbing, toilets, running fixtures that need to be changed out, caulking tubs, broken tile, grout, and all of those things, changing out vanities, things like that. So that’s just one area, there’s the outdoors.

[Sean] The checklist is marvelous. Do you find people that do what I do, which is I’ll find something on the list and it might not be big enough to call you yet, but once I have two or three built up, that’s when I place the call.

[Bill] Right and that’s that’s one of the best ways to use that. Yes, because some of the jobs are very quick and easy and it may not be cost effective to just bring us out just for one small job but if you put three or four together, bundle them then in a half a day or a day’s work you can knock out a lot of work that’s been bugging you in your home.

[Sean] Now, the one time I will call you if is if it the bathroom and plumbing related then you got to call right away. The other thing I love it what Mr. Handyman is if it’s something that’s beyond where you do the work, you will call in one of the other pros to be able to help support you, which I love that.

[Bill] Sure, and that’s the best part for us of being part of Approved Home Pros is it’s all that other support that we can use.

[Sean] Thanks so much. Get your checklist and contact Mr. Handyman. It’s all available for you at ApprovedHomePros.com.