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Get Your AC Ready for Summer Now

It’s important to make sure your AC is ready for summer so that you can avoid any potential problems. Have We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air come out to your home for an AC inspection. Also, there’s a great tune-up offer now!

Details on ‘Get Your AC Ready for Summer’

[Jordan] If you haven’t turned on your AC yet the time is likely pretty close so today I’m here with Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air to learn about the service that your AC requires and what you need to know before turning it on for the first time this season. Thanks for being with me, let’s  just start with that if you haven’t turned your AC on should you have it checked out?

[Bob] You definitely need to have it checked out, the problem is your systems been sitting all winter and you don’t know what’s going on with it- there could be bugs that could crawl up inside between the contractors, there could be actually rodent issues, it could get in there and bite from you know chew some wires up so when you flip the switch you want that thing to be working.

[Jordan] Right and there’s nothing worse than needing it to work and going to turn it on and finding out that it is not functioning correctly.

[Bob] So it does live outside those are real problems we might have to face that one we can have someone come out and do a check up for us and we’ll come on out, check it out, make sure it’s really ready when you flip the switch it’s going to come on because you know yeah check the contactor go check the capacitors and check the motors I checked the freon level some people don’t really think of that the drain for the condensate drains outside or drains inside your drains and it can get clogged up during the winter and ya know you turn your system on the water fills up next thing you know he’s got flooding in your house

[Jordan] And so many things that you need a professional to look for it because you just you rattled them off and the drainage, I would never know to go out and I could not do that myself so it’s so important

[Bob] I definitely don’t want you to touch it yourself because we’re talking abou  high-voltage out there everything else and we don’t want to have any fatalities

[Jordan] So let’s say you have turned it on for the first time it worked you stayed comfortable should you still have it looked at?

[Bob] You should definitely  because even though it’s comfortable for you there could be some underlying problems that are really going on and you won’t know until something happens. and that just comes down to that your AC unit really requires some annual or regular maintenance to kind of keep it in tip-top shape.

[Jordan] Right you’re not just  going to jump in your car and drive across country without anything maintained it’s in with your condition you’re gonna be using it hard this summer with the heat we’re gonna have you want to make sure that things in the last and we know of course that the heat can come on really suddenly that’s how it started earlier in this month it you know you had a lot of foggy days and then all the sudden just day and actually no it’s like oh my gosh it’s hot out. Flip the switch and nothing happens so of course you want the experts from we here to come out and do an inspection for you if it’s not repairable and it’s time to replace you guys have a great special where you can get up to 20 $100 off yeah it’s a great system promotes ramming right now a great promotion to get a replacement AC and be more comfortable all year long so get your AC service mate serviced and maintained quickly and easily with we care find them today on approved home pros comm and of course if major system replaced take advantage of that incredible special