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Garage Safety Tips to Help You During an Emergency

It’s always smart to prepare for a potential emergency, so that you and your family have a plan. Empire Garage Doors & Gates joins us to discuss garage safety tips to help you during an emergency. Tune in to discover helpful tips.

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[Sean] it’s time to ask an expert where are our experts answer everyday questions help you better understand your home and the home improvement industry today I’m with Jared from Empire garage doors and gates and we’re talking about garage doors and safety and that’s not a topic people think of too much but there really are some areas of safety related to the garage that people should be aware of

[Jared] correct absolutely yeah there was a law change recently

[Sean] let’s start there

[Jared] that was intended to make things safer what was that launching the recent law is July of 2019 the battery backup law all garage door openers installed in California have to have battery backup mandatory it’s changed all manufacturers because of this law and that battery backup means you can still with the button press open the open and close the door aptly

[Sean] absolutely you can open your door multiple times without power being to the house

[Jared] now even if that’s not working or you have a home that that’s not been retrofitted with that if there’s an emergency there’s ways to get out of the garage but I would assume people in emergency situations sometimes lose their mind a little bit and forget what’s there

[Sean] is it important for people to know or practice to be able to do those things

[Jared] definitely the garage door is the biggest appliance in the house so when they’re trying to exit their garage they need to know how to get out either whether they’re hitting a button or they’re pulling a string all garage door openers no matter what residential/commercial all have a release manual release so you can would be able to exit

[Sean] now where’s that normally

[Jared] it’s found in the center of the garage on the long portion of the motor that has a red cord with a red handle hanging out now with the new motors the side mount motors same thing red cord red handle but they’re on the side on the side

[Sean] okay so it’s just be aware of which style you have and where that emergency release is

[Jared] absolutely when we install new product like this we teach and train all consumers to utilize all these safety devices and let them know if their garage doors doing certain things safety reasons they will be able to

[Sean] correct them themselves or at least know what to look for because you know especially in San Diego with some of the fire dangers. I feel like people think, well what kind of dangers going to be in my garage that is an area where people do or have been trapped

[Jared] and it’s different you know they’ve been some tragedies have happened with and so the garage is a place you need to be aware of safety just as much as anywhere else in the home

[Sean] absolutely and you help people with that as you do with everything else with garage doors thank you so much if you ever have a question for our experts or want to know more information on previous questions Approved Home Pros.com