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Furniture Your Kids Will Love

It’s back-to-school time, so set your kids up for success with furniture that they’ll love. Mor Furniture for Less shares the different options they have for kids and teens furniture. They know that kids usually get the smallest room in the home, so they designed furniture that maximizes that small space.

Details About “Furniture Your Kids Will Love”

Jordan: Well, if the kids haven’t already gone back to school, they are about to. So let’s set them up for success at home with furniture from Mor Furniture for Less. I’m here with Josh Tomlinson, the General Manager, and we’re talking all about what’s in the kids and teens department here at Mor.

Josh: Yeah, we have a ton of great options for kids. I think that the most important is going to be a good mattress for a good night’s sleep ’cause we want our kids to get good rest, so that they’re ready and have energy.

Jordan: The school day can be long, we have to make sure they’re ready for it.

Josh: Kids are busy these days.

Jordan: Exactly.

Josh: We want to get a good night’s sleep, so we have plenty of really, really good quality mattresses that are going to fit all sorts of different beds without sacrificing support. But in regards to the beds, and the different bedroom set options, I think that we have some really great selections in regards to loft beds, which are really great because they combine the desk, and the chest, and all the storage.

Jordan: Such a great way to maximize space in a room. And we all know the kids usually get the smaller room in the house.

Josh: Agreed, so in that regard, you are going to have a really efficient nice bed frame with all the built ins. We have captain’s beds with storage built into the bottom. We have a newer, kind of a different approach to a captain’s bed, it’s called a sideways bed, so it comes off of the wall a little differently.

Jordan: Oh Cool!

Josh: So you can customize depending on your space. Same types of storage options and bookcases, and different things. Another very important factor is a really good desk or workspace that a kid can do all of the homework, and whatnot, reading, and want to, and enjoy that space.

Jordan: Exactly, it’s all about creating a space in the home where the kid feels happy, safe, comfortable, making sure that they are enjoying what they have at home.

Josh: Agreed, and also a little fun, too. So we have some pretty special, unique bed frames.

Jordan: I love these.

Josh: We have one called a fort bed that literally is shaped like a little house which the kids just go.

Jordan: Perfect for sleepovers

Josh: Yeah, really, really great, its really, it’s like a house, it’s awesome. They don’t make it in Queen or King but its very, very cool. Yeah, so in any case, we have just a ton of really good selections in regards to all the different spaces, all different measurements, all different applications, boys, girls.

Jordan: And it’s all mix and matchable, too. I’ve seen some of these diagrams where we can kind of customize exactly the space creation that you want.

Josh: Very, very cool, limitless options.

Jordan: Thanks so much, Josh. Head to Mor Furniture for Less and get your kids set up for success for this school year. You can find the location nearest you on ApprovedHomePros.com.