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Furniture For Easier Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining season is upon us and you want to ensure your furniture can accommodate the parties and guests you want to have. Mor Furniture for Less shares how to create the perfect entertaining space.

Details On “Furniture For Easier Holiday Entertaining”

Jordan: Well entertaining season is upon us, so how do you get started? It’s all about the foundation elements in your home to make sure it can accommodate the parties that you want to have. So I’ve come to Mor Furniture for Less where I’m talking with Josh Tomlinson, the general manager. And he’s going to show me how to get started picking some furniture and see how we can create the prefect entertaining space.

Josh: I like this set, so I wanted to really showcase this. This sectional is super comfy.

Jordan: Very comfy, I’ll vouch.

Josh: It’s got down lining in the cushions so–

Jordan: Ooh!

Josh: It’s an option so if you have issues with down, we have an alternative to down, too. But the scale, the size, it can be catered. It’s completely modular so you can make this as big as you want, as small as you want. It’s a really great option. It has several different arm designs and colors, but if I think of that holiday season.

Jordan: I love that.

Josh: A comfy couch is key for sure.

Jordan: A comfy couch is key, but the most important part for having a successful event at your house is furniture that fits in your space.

Josh: Yes, yes it is.

Jordan: So I like these, that it’s modular, and we can pick and choose the pieces that we need to make sure it will fit where we need it to fit.

Josh: Huge, take measurements. We have a solution for that.

Jordan:  Take measurements. I’m going to say that again because that’s a crucial thing when you go furniture shopping. Take measurements.

Josh: Yeah, you’ll save yourself a ton of time.

Jordan: Which is applicable here to the couches that we might be looking at but also tables.

Josh: Dining tables, and I think that most people think of food, so it’s important. If you don’t want to eat on your sectional, then we have a whole bunch of different dining options with that same application. Different sizes, different heights if you like counter-height, very very convenient. Counter-height tables are actually really nice for entertaining when you have a smaller space, because it allows people to sit at the table and stand next to the table without feeling awkward.

Jordan:  Right.

Josh: So you’re kind of at the same eye level. We have a ton of great solutions there with different expandable leaves, actually storage drawers in the table so you can hold your place mats and different things. So there’s a lot of great options.

Jordan:  And what’s trendy with colors and styles this year?

Josh: Grays, any variation of gray. Some of the more beige colors actually, natural wood tones. There’s a lot of different things that are not just, I don’t want to say fads. I think they’re actually kind of standing the test of time so the grays are very popular right now.

Jordan:  But that’s what we’re going to see, and there’s a lot of options. And of course, you have color choices and definitely style choices when you come shopping here at Mor Furniture for Less. So come, there are four locations around San Diego to help you out. You can find more information at ApprovedHomePros.com.