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Fire Safety At Home: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

We’ve just started our Plug Into Leviton promotion AND this is National Fire Prevention Week, so the Leviton Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is a great topic for fire safety at home.

What is an arc fault?

An arc fault occurs when loose or corroded connections or damaged electrical wires make intermittent contact causing sparking or arcing. This creates high intensity heat which may ignite surrounding materials such as wood framing or insulation. Unlike a short circuit (that is the hot wire coming into contact with a ground or neutral wire,) arcing can occur at fairly low current levels and therefore may not trip the circuit breaker.

Why you need an AFCI outlet

Common causes are nails or screws inadvertently driven into wires; old or cracked wires and cords, or electrical cords accidentally damaged by furniture pressing upon them. In order to protect your home, an arc fault circuit interrupter can be used to detect just such a problem. The Leviton Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet is designed to identify potentially dangerous arc faults and respond by interrupting the power to help prevent the arc fault from leading to a fire.

AFCI outlets are now required for many rooms in a home by the latest electrical codes.  One AFCI installed at the outlet closest to the circuit breaker can provide protection for outlets further down the line.

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