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Finding the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Air filtration helps keep the air in your home clean and safe, so it’s important to make sure you have the best filter. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air explains the pros and cons of different filters.

Details on ‘Finding the Right Air Filter for Your Home’

[Jordan] We’re enjoying the spring and summer weather and all the beautiful flowers that are coming with it but are you getting irritated by any of the pollen in the air or any of the other air pollutants? Well, there are air filtration solutions so I’m here at We Care with Bob Briley to find out what options we have to keep the air inside of our home clean because that’s really where you want to have sanctuary.

[Bob] Oh, definitely. It’s so bad right now I mean you got your spring and your summer coming

up and our pollen is really bad. Have you heard of the super bloom?

[Jordan]  Yes, and it’s beautiful to look at.

[Bob] Oh, it’s great. I mean we had the poppies everywhere but now we’re paying for it now all the pollens in the air and it’s going out and we have to breathe this stuff and it’s really bad for us, it’s bad for children, elderly. I mean you really need to take care of your house.

[Jordan] Absolutely, so what choices do we have?

[Bob] Well, and your most basic systems will have just the one inch pleated filter. These are okay for large stuff to go through but it really doesn’t trap any of the pollen at all.

[Jordan] So we’re talking about just works with your traditional, whatever your air conditioning system.

[Bob] Right, all this does is protect your system, it doesn’t protect the air you’re breathing at all. All it’s doing is  keeping your coil somewhat clean. So we’re seeing this. This is our traditional option it’s a one-inch thick filter. It’s gonna do a medium job.

[Jordan] Very medium. So what’s the upgrade to this then?

[Bob] The next is gonna be electrostatic. These electrostatics are great filters. They block out almost everything but the problem with these are you have to clean them all the time. Monthly you need to keep them clean because they attract so much pollen and so much dirt and dust and dandruff and pet dandruff or everything else that gets clogged up but if it gets clogged up it’s actually hurting your system. So you really got to keep on these and keep these clean all the time.

[Jordan] Okay so this is a good option but it’s a bit of a high maintenance.

[Bob] Very high maintenance.

[Jordan] Okay but this would fit in the standard slot. We have a third choice. The third choice is your Merv’s you know every knows Merv is the first stage of HEPA. Merv 16 is the highest grade you can get for filtration. This is actually a Merv  11 then it goes up to Merv 16. These filters will block out 98% of all pollens, all dandruff, all VOCs, everything that comes to your house it’s going to protect your system.

[Jordan] Yeah that’s a big guy.

[Bob] Yeah so you actually have to have your system set up for these though. You can’t just put these in your furnace. You actually have to have a cartridge. In fact behind this, if you want you can actually see a cartridge behind us.

[Jordan] So this is kind of a super-sized version.

[Bob] This is the best filtration they could put in your house. Okay and we’ve got one last thing to share. The next item is the Care Air the Care Air actually puts out like electric scrubbers out in your air and they attract all the particles and they help drop them so when you’re cleaning your house it’s actually picking it up so they’re not running around in your air and you’re not breathing them. This is actually what they have in the space station and everything else also.

[Jordan] Wow so you can get really advanced filtration and We Care can help come out to your house help you design the correct air filtration for your own home. Is that right?

[Bob] Oh, definitely yeah we can come out check your systems out we can give you all the different plans of what needs to be working for your house and then we can move forward.

[Jordan] Awesome, thank you so much Bob. So you do not have to live with these pollens and danders you can have improved filtration in your home. Visit We Care here today. You can find them on ApprovedHomePros.com