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Finding A Trusted Plumber

Unfortunately, plumbing is an area where many people get taken advantage of, but there are good guys out there. Matrix Plumbing & Services is dedicated to providing customers with all of their options and advice on what works best for them and their families. 

Details On “Finding A Trusted Plumber”

Sean: Unfortunately, plumbing is an area where many people get taken advantage of but there are good guys out there like our guest today Ricky Diaz from Matrix Plumbing. Ricky, great to have you on the air today. 

Ricky: Thank you. 

Sean: You and your wife Crystal started this company a few years ago. You’ve grown. How many trucks do you have out there today?

Ricky: We have six trucks on the road. 

Sean: That’s a lot of growth in a little bit of time but you have a long background of plumbing. How long have you been in the plumbing industry?

Ricky: I’ve been doing this over 20 years. 

Sean: So you started with other companies and you saw you wanted to start a company that would do things a little bit differently. What are some of the foundations that you built the company on? One is options. 

Ricky: Yeah, we like to provide our customers with options and the ability to pick and choose what best fits their family needs. 

Sean: Do you provide those verbally or is that in writing? 

Ricky: We provide our options in writing and we give everyone the price up front so they know exactly what they’re getting. 

Sean: That’s so important in any area of contracting but especially in plumbing. For you to see what your options are, to know what you’re going to be getting and the price in writing before you begin the work. That’s so important the way you do that. Trust is something that keeps coming up every time that I talk to you as well. What does trust mean to you at Matrix Plumbing? 

Ricky: Well trust is earned not given so we like to do that one homeowner at a time.

Sean: And that’s where you built your business, one homeowner at a time and you’ve built the business by creating people that are out there telling their friends and family about you cause we know plumbing is an area where it’s probably not somebody’s best day when they have to call a plumber. But your goal is to make people’s day a little bit better.

Ricky: Yeah, exactly.

Sean: Now you have a $99 leak special right now that is where you go in and you do a variety of things. What is involved in the $99 leak special?

Ricky: So we’ll come out to your house for $99. We’ll check your plumbing system to ensure that there’s no leaks and that you’re not overspending on your water bill or wasting any water.

Sean: What are some signs that somebody might need to have a leak detection done? Could their water bill be going up? Or what are some of the signs that that might be the case? 

Ricky: You might find some hot spots on the ground which is similar to a slab leak or you may have some drippy toilets or runny faucets, and that would cause your water bill to go up. 

Sean: Okay, so if your water bill is up or you even suspect that there could be a leak in some way, this $99 leak special is a great thing. If you find something again, you’ll provide options, get it in writing and you’ll help the people move on from there. 

Ricky: Yes we will. 

Sean: Matrix Plumbing, I’m really glad to have you in the network. You’re one of the pros that is one of the good guys that is out there doing a great success story. Thanks Ricky. Matrix Plumbing is the perfect example of the high quality, trustworthy pros you’ll find at ApprovedHomePros.com Call Matrix for all your plumbing needs today.