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Find Out How and Why to Vote for Mor Furniture!

Did you know that Mor Furniture for Less has been voted Best Furniture Store nine years in a row through the Union-Tribune Readers Poll? Find out why they’re more than deserving of this title and how you can vote this year!

Details on ‘How and Why to Vote for Mor Furniture’

[Jordan] Mor Furniture has been voted Best Furniture Company nine years in a row through the Union-Tribune Readers Poll, so here with me today is Josh Tomlinson, the general manager of Mor Furniture in Miramar. Thanks for being with me, and congratulations on nine wins!

[Josh] Thanks very much, thanks for having me.

[Jordan] Well let’s start first with, we want people to vote for Mor again, so ApprovedHomePros.com/Mor, you’ll find a link right there so that you can go and support Mor. Why should they vote for Mor?

[Josh] Well, I’ll leave that to our guests, first of all, it’s really their perspective, but I think that we have

excellent customer service, I think it’s probably the one thing that stands out, as well as our overwhelming selection of furniture. We have some big showrooms in San Diego that carry a lot of furniture, so in that regard, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, mattresses—

[Jordan] Literally everything.

[Josh] Yeah, we’ve got everything for you, so, and then in regards to our price guarantees, which are unique. We have a Double the Difference Price Guarantee for our customers to feel safe.

[Jordan] Tell me more about that.

[Josh] Well simply enough, if you buy some furniture from us, and you find it, the same furniture, or like furniture, out there in the marketplace, we’ll double the difference back if there’s a difference in price.

[Jordan] Because you’re so confident that Mor can offer the best prices, which I’ll vouch for. I’ve shopped with Mor. I’ll stand behind that customer service, as well as the selection, because you’ve helped me personally buy multiple pieces for my house.

[Josh] Sure.

[Jordan] And Mor really does have everything that you could be looking for. So, we’re also talking about knowledgeable staff. It’s not just you, but it’s everybody on your team.

[Josh] Yeah, we have a training process that we go through, but really we look for people who care about furniture, who have a passion for furniture, and helping people, you know, and this is a big people business, so we’re very proud of that.

[Jordan] Absolutely, because it’s not just about finding what’s going to look beautiful in your home, like you guys go into details on construction, and also size and measuring, and making sure everything’s going to fit, because that’s equally as important. You want to buy furniture that if you take it home, it gets inside the door.

[Josh] Yeah, we want it to be functional, and we want it to be a positive experience for all of our guests.

[Jordan] And of course there are four great locations around San Diego, let’s share where everyone can pop into a Mor today.

[Josh] You got to check out Miramar, we’ve done some recent remodeling and such so that it looks really nice, and then San Marcos for the north county, El Cajon for east, and then National City is our fourth location.

[Jordan] Okay, so if you aren’t sold yet, it’s time to go and vote for the Union-Tribune Readers Poll. Of course, you can vote on ApprovedHomePros.com/Mor. There’s a couple phases, quickly run through what they need to nominate, and then vote.

[Josh] Nominate, and then vote. So the voting, I believe, starts May 30th, so nominations will go until I think ’til the 8th or so sometime.

[Jordan] Thanks so much Josh. Head online today, ApprovedHomePros.com/Mor, to vote for Mor, and check out a showroom today.