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Federal Tax Credit For Installing Solar

Every day that you wait to go solar is actually costing you money and it could be more than you think. SunPower by Milholland explains the current tax credits are available for you to take advantage of.

Details On “Federal Tax Credit For Installing Solar”

Jordan: Every day that you wait to go solar, is actually costing you money, but it could be even more than you think. Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland is here to explain the current tax credit and what might be changing in the new year. So Brian, thanks for being here. 

Brian: Yeah, thanks for having me. 

Jordan: What is it that we need to know about the tax credit for going solar? 

Brian: Well the tax credit is 30% of your federal taxes, and you can get that in 2018 and 2019, and then it starts to sunset just a little bit, so 2020, it starts to go down a little bit. 

Jordan: It’s going to start to phase out and they’re going to get rid of it, so right now is the peak rebate, or credit, that you’re going to get back.

Brian: Absolutely, the best time to go solar is today. So you can go solar today, wipe out your electric bill, and start paying off your solar system.

Jordan: So not only are you going to wipe out your electric bill and immediately realize those savings, only now, because it’s going to start to fade, can you get that 30% tax credit. 

Brian: Yeah, now’s the best time to go solar, like I said. People who went solar six years ago, they’ve realized all of the money back from their energy savings, so now moving forward, their electric bill is down to zero and it’s all free. 

Jordan: So it really only takes about six years to realize the cost of the whole solar system.

Brian: Yeah, and it’s six years if you factor in financing also. 

Jordan: That’s fantastic, so why is it that people are waiting to go solar? 

Brian: Well people get paralyzed by fear of having to pick out the right contractor, or to find the right product to put on their home, and that’s where Milholland by SunPower solar consultants come in and we can go out and help the people decide which is the best system for their home, and the best way to finance it. 

Jordan: Yeah, what’s that process like? 

Brian: Well, it’s very pain-free. We can do it in our solar design center. We can do it online, we can have a consultant come out to your house, so it’s basically anything that is good for your schedule, we can accommodate that.

Jordan: Well we really appreciate that. So you got to visit the design center if you want to get kind of a hands-on touch and feel with the products that might be installed on your roof or on your property somewhere. 

Brian: Sure, we have the latest product. We have ’em on the roof, so you can see what they look like. 

Jordan: And a virtual design, tell me about that a little bit. 

Brian: So we design every system with shading on your roof. We take a look at images and we use a proprietary software to design the system and we can see what shading results and how much production you’ll get from your system. 

Jordan: That’s fantastic, thank you so much, Brian. Stop wasting money on high utility bills and go solar today with help from SunPower by Milholland. Call them today at 619-320-7373, and get your free consultation today.