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Exploring Tile Options

Tile is a great and easy way to personalize spaces of your home, like your bathroom or kitchen, for a low cost. Explore the different tile options available and what materials work best.

Details on ‘Exploring Tile Options’

[Gregg Cantor] There are some amazing man-made tile materials available for your next home remodel.  Bold or timeless, from subway tile to geometric shapes, the choices are nearly unlimited. Today, i want to show you few examples. Porcelain tile is used on floors and wall surfaces.  The technology is great, so you can have a realistic wood or stone look, without the cost or long term maintenance.  Ceramic subway tile is also very popular for kitchen back splashes and shower wall.  It’s available in many colors and textures at reasonable prices.  A little more expensive is glass tile, used for back splashes and shower walls or as decorative bands with porcelain tile.  Newer on the scene is cement tile.  Cement tiles come in cool patterns, colors, geometric shapes and even hand painted.  This type of material is used on floors, fireplaces and sometimes highlight walls.  Traditional or contemporary, man-made tile is great option for any home remodeling project.