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Experience Remodeling Materials Fully Installed

When you’re selecting materials for a remodel project, it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision based on just the small swatches that are available. Thompson Building Materials shares how seeing the materials installed can help homeowners decide how to remodel.

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Jordan: When you’re selecting materials for a remodel project, it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision based on just the small swatches that are available, so today I’ve come to Thompson Building Materials. I’m here with Derek Pritchett, the general manager, where we’re looking at Thompson’s full-scale showroom because this is a whole different way to experience the materials. Derek, why don’t you take me on a tour?

Derek: Absolutely, you hit the nail on the head there, “experience the materials.” We’ve built a home here to showcase the use of masonry on the interior surface of the home. We’ve seen a lot of trending with brick and stone being used inside the house. It’s not really a trend, it’s not going away.

Jordan: No, it’s beautiful, and there’s so many different applications that you have throughout the showroom here of that brick, so–

Derek: Yep, walking through here, we’ve got, you can see the brick barrel ceilings here, the stone in the fireplace. It allows the consumer to come in, and like you said, experience the materials, and they can really identify with it, cause it’s a space they’re familiar with in their own homes, you know, living rooms–

Jordan: Right.

Derek: As you walk into the study here, we’ve got a wall, is it a wall mural? Just a simple, porcelain mosaic tile on the wall, and it makes a great statement, nice little feature wall. I have a dining room here that has a farmhouse-style table out of natural stone, don’t see that every day.

Jordan: No, but it’s beautiful!

Derek: Absolutely, yeah.

Jordan: Take me into the kitchen.

Derek: The kitchen, we’ve got different stone countertops. Cabinetry, we have a local cabinet company that we deal with, but tile floor, and then we’ve got the bathroom over here and the bar spaces, which are both beautiful. But the travertine on the floor here in the bathroom and the bar has got a nice little blue stone countertop. The custom sink here is in the shape of a martini glass.

Jordan: So my favorite part is that everything here is actually functional, which makes it seem like a really great place to have events.

Derek: It’s actually a great place for events. We can’t get people to leave when we do host them.

Jordan: So, you know, professional mixers are available?

Derek: We’ve got industry associations that we host the meetings here for. It’s also open for private parties, it’s open for rent.

Jordan: Great ideas.

Derek: We host the great annual event, our annual holiday charity fundraiser called Tree of Dreams.

Jordan: And that’s coming up soon, when is that?

Derek: It’s coming up December 6th, Thursday, December 6th, I believe.

Jordan: And it benefits Rady Children’s Hospital, so tell me about what we’re going to see there.

Derek: All the money goes to Rady Children’s Hospital, and we have live Christmas trees, the design community comes in and decorates those, and they’re auctioned off that night at the party, and it’s a great event and a great charity.

Jordan: Yeah, understatement. Designed by designers, these trees are phenomenal, so definitely check that out. If you are looking for any type of remodel materials, Thompson Building Materials has everything you could possibly want. Come take a tour of their showroom today.