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Everything You Need For The Perfect Bedroom

It’s President’s Day weekend, which is a big time to shop for furniture. Mor Furniture for Less shares how you can pair your new bedroom set with a new mattress and save money on shipping.

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Jordan: It’s President’s Day weekend which is a big time to shop for furniture. So I’ve come to Mor Furniture for Less where I’m here with Josh Tomlinson, General Manager. Thanks for having me.

Josh: Thanks for having me.

Jordan: So we’re talking you know, Mor Furniture has literally everything you could want to fill your home with.

Josh: Sure.

Jordan: And, today we’re in a bedroom set because the key is really, shopping for bedroom sets includes mattresses.

Josh: Yeah, so we have, well, it’s a good time to replace your mattress, typically, when you’re replacing your bedroom. That seems to kind of correlate so there’s huge incentive to that. So if you are in a position to replace your bedroom set, and you are in the market for a mattress, we have a huge mattress selection.

Jordan: So, before we talk about the selection, let’s talk about what the incentive is.

Josh: Well, you get free delivery on a mattress, so if you end up buying a bedroom set at the same time,

Jordan: It all comes together with that free delivery.

Josh: Yep, it’s treated as one group.

Jordan: I love the word free!

Josh: Yeah, free is good.

Jordan: Everyone loves getting stuff for free.

Jordan: And delivery is always the biggest hassle of furniture shopping, making sure that you’re getting what you need, on time, and Mor is so great about delivery.

Josh: It’s the installation aspect of it. It is having someone else do all that hard work for you, and then having a guarantee behind that, so making sure that everything’s in good order. If there’s any damages or anything, we cover all that stuff. We’re certainly protected against anything so.

Jordan: Peace of mind, which is exactly why Mor is our recommended furniture store here in the Approved Home Pros network. So, let’s talk about the selection of mattresses and then all the bedroom sets that we have to choose to go with it.

Josh: Bedroom sets. I have a wonderful selection of bedroom sets. We’re very unique. I think that’s one of our strengths, is our bedroom background and even further back than that is bedding. So, we started as a waterbed company, so a lot of people don’t realize our tenure with mattresses. We’re very educated and very exposed to that.

Jordan: And you have a huge mattress selections here. Sleep Mor with inside the Mor Furniture for Less store. We have a beautiful mattress gallery called Sleep Mor that we take a lot of pride in. We carry, I think, six national brands. We carry Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Seally, Simmons. We have Restonic. We have King Coil. We have a broad selection of mattresses from Memory Foam to coil platforms. Anything you need as well. Adjustable bases. There’s just a one-stop shop for sure.

Jordan: And, of course, the knowledgeable staff that will help us choose the right one for our needs because I know mattress shopping can be a bit overwhelming. It’s not about aesthetics like the rest of your furniture.

Josh: It’s different, yeah. You want to take a little more care and time and that. But, really, it’s about comfort. It’s about getting proper support. It’s really about the guests feeling at home and not feeling pressured or, you know, overwhelmed with all the specs things like that. It’s really about finding the right sleep system for you. So, we’ll help you with all of that.

Jordan: And once you find the correct sleep system for your perfect mattress, you’ve got all of these bedroom sets that we can choose from. What kind of styles and pieces are we talking about?

Josh: Well, right now, you have a lot of,  well, this is a more traditional set behind us, that’s kind of darker in finish. It comes in a lighter grey with is very, very popular. It’s very on trend. So, within that, we have a huge selection of both traditional, transitional, contemporary. We pretty much have everything you need.

Jordan: And you can mix and match, of course, which is one my favorite parts. And Mor has these great prices all year long, so if you aren’t available to come down this weekend, you can take advantage of these prices all year long, including that free mattress delivery. So, if you buy your bedroom set together with a mattress, your entire set could be delivered for free, as well. There are four Mor Furniture for Lesses around San Diego to serve your needs. Check ’em out at ApprovedHomePros.com.