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Enjoy Using Your Windows More With Automated Shades

Do you have shades or blinds that you just never use? Legacy Shading explains how automation could be the perfect solution.

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Jordan: Do you have shades or blinds that you just never use? Matt Geans from Legacy Shading is here to explain how automation could be the solution. Thanks for joining me today!

Matt: Not a problem.

Jordan: So what are these scenarios where people just don’t use their shades that they may have already?

Matt: There’s two common scenarios people don’t use their shades. The first one is they can’t reach them. That’s like beyond a bathtub or in a stairwell. They’re just too high. You can’t get to them. The second one is is that they have shades that are just not in their normal path of travel in their house, and they just never take the time to go over and use them because they’re in a hurry. Normal, typical Southern California rush-rush lifestyle, and so the shades just go down when there’s a need, and they never come back up.

Jordan: I fall into that camp, so I’m really excited to hear how automation can help me use something in my home and take better advantage of my home.

Matt: Yup, shades are usually going up twice a day. First, in the morning, you put them down at night to go to bed and in the morning you come in, and if you have the automated shades, as you go to get your cup of coffee, you can hit the button and up they go. You enjoy your backyard and all the view of it, and people really underestimate the value of being able to see our beautiful blue San Diego sky when you’re sitting down and getting ready for your day. Shades going down during your day. They come back up at night after the suns gone down, you enjoy your backyard and down in the evening.

Jordan: I mean they can help you feel more comfortable but also having them open during the day makes your house feel bigger, right?

Matt: It does.

Jordan: You’re going to have better advantage of your own home.

Matt: Being able to actually utilize your windows for what they’re meant for, bringing the outside in, is one of the biggest values of automated shades because they are that convenient to just come over, raise, lower, anytime that you want.

Jordan: So convenience at a touch of a button, but it gets even more convenient than that because you can set them on schedules to never have to think about them.

Matt: Yes. When you get your shades like the Lutron Triathlon and Serena shades that we sell, those are easy retrofit products because they’re battery operated and they can go on a set schedule, either timed or set with the, in sync with the sunrise and sunset.

Jordan: And then of course there is a phone app where you can control and voice controls.

Matt: Yes, voice controls. You can sync that with Alexa if you want and there’s a couple others out there as well.

Jordan: And I like what you said, battery operated shades so you don’t have to do big construction on some of these. You still have an option if you’re not in the middle of a remodel project.

Matt: Indeed.

Jordan: Thanks so much Matt. Call Legacy today to start reaping the benefits of automated shades. 858-352-0092. You can always find them and other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com