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Energy Efficient AC Upgrade

If you are considering ways to make your home more energy efficient, replacing your AC may be a great solution. Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning explains how you can save money, while still feeling comfortable in your home.

Details On “Energy Efficient AC Upgrade”

Jordan: Today I’m at a home with Allegiance Heating & Air where we are replacing an air conditioning system to make it more energy efficient. So, today I’m here with Sarah. Thank you so much for having me.

Sarah: Thank you!

Jordan: Tell me a bit about this home, and why they’re going through with an AC replacement.

Sarah: Sure. This home is clearly remodeled. It’s the first thing they wanted to do when they got into this house, about a year ago. They’ve been in it about a year.

Jordan: Yeah.

Sarah: And, they went through a winter and a summer, and they know now they need to upgrade their AC system.

Jordan: Sure. The home looks beautiful. Now they’re thinking, we’ve got it remodeled, we’re going to spend more time in it, we have to be comfortable.

Sarah: Yeah, we have to be comfortable. So, right now they have an older system. It’s less efficient, American made, it lasts a long time, but in the long run it’s not saving them any money. The have an old 10 SEER rated system out there, we’re going to come in and install a new 16 SEER lifetime unit replacement system in this home.

Jordan: Okay, give me a quick overview of what SEER ratings are.

Sarah: SEER ratings are Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. So, it’s basically what you’re paying to the dollar for the energy that you’re using.

Jordan: Okay, so this 16 is a pretty good number compare to the 10 that they’re working with?

Sarah: 16’s great. They’re going to put solar in, so we went ahead and went 16 SEER. You can go all the way to 18, 21, 24 SEER. But for this particular home, we’re going to go with the 16 SEER.

Jordan: So, that brings up an excellent point, where when Allegiance comes into a home, it’s all about looking at that family, that lifestyle, and finding the right system for them.

Sarah: Right.

Jordan: Not just pushing the highest end product there is.

Sarah: Right. And in addition this home has a mancave, right? It’s well insulated. What we did, was install a ductless mini split in the garage.

Jordan: So, not throughout the whole house?

Sarah: Right.

Jordan: Because they already had the ducting, and that wouldn’t necessarily make sense.

Sarah: Right, so when he’s out there tooling around and fixing things, and working on whatever it is he wants to do, we can just heat and cool that particular space.

Jordan: Heating and cooling one particular space is a great way to save money, as well. Because, you don’t want to turn on the heat in the garage, and have it heat up the whole house.

Sarah: Right.

Jordan: If the whole house isn’t cold.

Sarah: Right, that won’t be saving you any money.

Jordan: That won’t save you any money, right? So, it’s nice to know that you have options, and Allegiance can help walk you through those. So, be comfortable in your own home without spending a fortune on your utility bills to get there. Allegiance can help you with whatever solution is for you. Whether it’s new heating and air, or replacing an older system for more efficiency. Find out more ApprovedHomePros.com.