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Effect of Metal Roof Colors

As metal roofs are becoming more and more popular, we explore the colors with Howard & Sons Roofing. Does the color of your metal roof make a difference? Tune in to discover if it does and what the benefits are.

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[Jordan] Metal roofs are a beautiful element that you can put on your home but just like all roofing the color can make a big difference. So, today Cesar from Howard & Sons Roofing is here to help. Thanks for being with me today!

[Cesar] Thanks Jordan, very excited to be here.

[Jordan] And I’m excited to talk about metal roofs because it’s such a unique element on a home. So, let’s just start with the benefits for why someone would choose a metal roof over a more traditional roof.

[Cesar] I’m also very excited about metal roofs, I have to tell you they are beautiful and you can tell by the pictures you’re seeing on the screen that they are just flawless. I’ll tell you what, they will be the last roof you ever install on your home.

[Jordan] The last roof we will ever install? So, what does that actually mean – we’re talking longevity then?

[Cesar] Yes, longevity and aesthetics are some of the reasons why customers prefer it. It is a more expensive roof but then again it’s going to last you 60 to 80 years.

[Jordan] Which is huge, when you think a traditional roof’s life span is anywhere from 20-40 and we’ve talked about that in the past as well. But it’s also that you have an incredible selection of colors available for these metal roofs. I think of just traditional metal colors but that’s not the case.

[Cesar] Right, that’s not the case at all. We have a wide color palette to choose from and all the colors we use are coated by a product, called kind art 500. You actually see that all day everyday, like the brown UPS trucks are coated by it.

[Jordan] Really?

[Cesar] Yes, the paint is guaranteed for no less than 30 years and it is just an amazing product.

[Jordan] And the fact that it is available in any color that I can dream up under the sun. I’ve seen the brochure and there’s so many options. How does Howard & Sons help me choose if I don’t already have my heart set on one?

[Cesar] We can show you a different variety of samples, we can have samples sent to your home, I can drop them off for you to pick and we also have applications where we can apply a color to your home in pictures and change the roof color to show you, to give you an option for what that looks like.

[Jordan] So, I can really see it come to life? That’s so cool. Are there any benefits of choosing one color over another?

[Cesar] Actually they’re aren’t. All colors that we provide for the roof are title 24 compliant and they’re all considered cool roofs. You hear about cool roofs all day everyday now and they provide 70% of solar reactivity.

[Jordan] And of course they are all title 24 compliant so you can get that energy efficiency that you need. So, get that metal roof that you need from the experts at Howard & Sons. You want to call them at 619-343-2228.