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Easy Ways To Create Shade In Your Backyard

We love sunshine in San Diego and when it comes to enjoying your backyard, controlling how much sun you get is key. All Seasons Windows & Patios explains the different options you have available when adding shade to your patio. 

Details About “Easy Ways To Create Shade In Your Backyard”

Sean: We love sunshine in San Diego. When it comes to enjoying your backyard, controlling how much sun you get is key. J.R. from All Seasons Windows and Patios here to help us with plenty of options to add shade to your patio. 

J.R.: Hi Sean.

Sean: Great to have you on this morning. Now, you have different options, kind of a good, better, best. Tell us what kind of options you have for patios. 

J.R.: Absolutely, what we have are your typical pergola or lattice cover, that hasn’t been too popular in the past month ’cause it’s so hot. It only blocks partial sun. 

Sean: Absolutely. 

J.R.: Then we have the solid shade covers, either the thin aluminum type that most people are used to, back from the 50’s and 60’s, provides great shade, but it is just thin aluminum. 

Sean: And that’s a solid piece that goes over your– 

J.R.: That’s a solid piece that looks like that. And we can bump up to our insulated roof. This stops the heat from permeating through and keeps you cool underneath. It’s also strong enough you can get up and stand on it, compared to the other one. This insulated cover allows us with this fan beam to attach fans, recessed LED lighting that you can control. So when you’re out there at night playing cards or enjoying family, you have controllable lighting.

Sean: So many more options with that. But then, talking about options, the third one has really got every option. 

J.R.: The third one is the, all the bells and whistles. This is the shutters for your roof, we call it a louvered roof, and it works just like a shutter for your house. You can control the amount of shade or the amount of sun. In the wintertime, you can open them up and let the sun in, and warm up the windows in the winter. In the summer, you can control it and close it, and then certainly when it’s raining. 

Sean: Or even throughout the day, if you’re out there all day, you can control how much sun you’re getting at the time. 

J.R.: That’s right. manual or motorized, we can custom-design a patio cover to combine all three of these to get you the shade, and stay within your budget. 

Sean: Yeah I love this, as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I think most people probably do. At your showroom, you’re able to show all the options and guide people to the right one for them.

J.R.: That’s right. We’re open 7 days a week. Come on down and see us. 

Sean: And you’ll take into consideration what kind of lifestyle they want and different things and helping guide them to the right option?

J.R.: Correct, some people just need shade off their windows and never sit on their patio, other people want to have an outdoor living room.

Sean: Thank you so much J.R. for coming in today. Take control of the amount of sun you get with your patio cover with a cover from All Seasons. Head into their showroom on Twain Avenue. They will guide you to exactly what you need. Or call 619-350-3723, you can visit the showroom and you can find the address and all kinds of other great things with them at ApprovedHomePros.com where you can find all the pros in our network.