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Easy Furniture Fixes

Easy Furniture Fixes

Easy, minor touch-ups can make your furniture look and feel like new again, and your local Ace Hardware has everything you need to get started. Try these easy furniture fixes:

Repair a wobbly chair

If you’ve got a chair with a loose leg, gently knock the loose joint apart with a hammer. Use sandpaper to remove any old glue from both parts that need to be reattached. Then, spread wood glue on both surfaces before reattaching. Use a wood clamp to apply pressure on the joint and allow the glue to dry for 24 hours. Adding a small screw to the joint will ensure a tight hold, giving you a long-lasting, even-keeled chair.

Clean up wood surfaces

Kitchen and coffee tables are prone to scratches and residue, but much of it can be fixed with a little elbow grease. When working with wood, always test your remedy on a small, inconspicuous patch before tackling the whole job.

For watermarks, use a wood amalgamator like howard’s restore-a-finish or formby’s® conditioning furniture refinisher with a fine-weave steel wool pad. Apply pressure with the grain, and finish by wiping clean with a tack cloth.

Cloths referred to as white ring removers also work to remove minor scuffs and marks caused by heat and water without removing finish from the wood surface.

Maintaining your upholstery

Many furniture fabrics include an upholstery code, usually found on a label under the cushions, which gives specific instructions on the proper methods for cleaning that fabric type. Typically, fabric-covered furniture can be maintained with vacuuming and spot cleaning with an upholstery shampoo or mild solvent.

Leather furniture can be easily maintained by treating the leather yearly with a leather oil or conditioner, which prevent cracking and tears.

Update accessories

Even if your furniture is in tip-top shape, it may be time to pay attention to it. Ace hardware carries a wide array of handles, knobs and other accessories that can spruce up even the best-kept pieces.

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