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Don’t Suffer Through The Heat To Avoid A High Utility Bill

Are you tired of the balancing act between keeping cool during this recent heat wave and keeping your utility bills within reason? Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning explains why you may have seen an increase in your bill and how you can prevent it from continuing. 

Details On “Don’t Suffer Through The Heat To Avoid A High Utility Bill”

Jordan: Are you tired of the balancing act between keeping cool during this recent heat wave, and keeping your utility bills within reason? Sarah Wood from Allegiance Heating & Air is here to help us today because Sarah, I’ve been hearing friends say they have electric bills $700, $800, $900 a month, even $1,000 a month over this recent heatwave. How much of that is attributed to AC sometimes? 

Sarah: It can be quite a bit of energy use, especially right now. And especially with SDG&E. They have the peak hours from about 4:00 to 9:00 p.m., so if you’re running your AC when everybody else is, they find a way to kind of triple the cost there for ya, so if you have one of those 10, 13 SEER-rated, older systems, your energy bill is going to be way up there. 

Jordan: And of course you want to run your AC from 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

Sarah: Of course! 

Jordan: Because that’s when it’s the hottest outside. 

Sarah: Yeah! 

Jordan: So let’s dig into these SEER ratings because that has a lot to do with high, well what we’re going to talk about is high efficiency systems. So what is a SEER rating first and foremost? 

Sarah: It’s a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, so it’s going to determine how much energy you’re using to cool or heat your home. 

Jordan: Okay. 

Sarah: Yeah. 

Jordan: And you said a ten or a thirteen is maybe outdated? 

Sarah: Outdated and you can’t even install that anymore. The minimum standard is a 14 SEER, and so your higher efficiency is going to be a 16, 18 the highest being 24.5. 

Jordan: Wow. 

Sarah: Yeah, yeah. 

Jordan: So what else do we know, other than just choosing a SEER rating, what do we need to know about high efficiency units, because they’re going to save us money to run every month.

Sarah: They are going to save us money, so you can keep your older system and we can do the quick fix, but in the long run it’s not going to save you money. Clearly if you got your SDG&E bill, you’ll know that. So, going with the 16-18 SEER is going to save you some money energy wise. Let’s say you have a whole house fan, or you have a smaller home, and you have great windows, new efficiency windows you might just want to go with that 14 standard, the 14 SEER, if you don’t, and definitely if you don’t have solar, you want to go with the 16-18 SEER rated system. 

Jordan: And of course Allegiance can come out to the house and guide us as homeowners, because I wouldn’t know how to pick all those choices by myself. You’ll come out and assess the whole home and give everyone– 

Sarah: Correct.

Jordan: A recommendation, awesome. So if you go with Allegiance Heating & Air and you choose a 16 SEER system or higher you will get $500 off if you mention Approved Home Pros. You don’t have to suffer through the heat just to avoid a sky-rocketing utility bill. Call Allegiance to learn about high efficiency AC units today. You can find Allegiance and other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.