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Don’t Miss This FREE Remodeling Seminar!

Home renovations can be a bit overwhelming, but there is an event coming up where you can learn right from the pros everything you need to know! You’re invited to Reborn Cabinets’ Learn From The Pros remodeling seminar on Saturday, October 20 from 10 AM – 2 PM. RSVP here!

Details About “Don’t Miss This FREE Remodeling Seminar!”

Jordan: For the average consumer, home renovations can be a bit overwhelming. But, there’s an event coming up where you can learn, right from the pros, everything that you need to know about a home improvement project. David Dahlin, from Reborn Cabinets, is here to invite us, and, thank you so much for joining me today. 

David: Thanks for having us, Jordan.

Jordan: This is an incredible event that you guys offer for the community. The event is coming up October 20th, from ten to two. Reserve your spot today, approvedhomepros.com/reborn. You don’t want to miss out, because, what are we going to learn about? 

David: There’s a lot of things, we cover a lot of subjects. We’re going to talk about how to choose a contractor. We’re going to talk about different things when it comes to doing your kitchen, whether you want to do a wood product, an opaque varnish, or a thermofoil. There’s lots of varieties. 

Jordan: And, of course, Reborn will explain what all of those things are. 

David: Absolutely, yeah. You’re going to learn the difference between a butt joint and a dovetail drawer, so, it’s really an educational process. 

Jordan: So, the event goes from ten to two on October 20th, and there’s a few different speakers that will come in and educate on these different topics. There’s a whole segment on kitchen remodeling, a whole segment on bathroom remodeling, a whole segment on how to choose that right contractor.

David: Yeah, and that’s an important thing, because we want our customers to feel, even if they don’t choose us to do their project, they’re educated, and they know what type of contractor to choose and the things that they can do for them, so that they feel good about doing their job. 

Jordan: Which is exactly why Approved Home Pros has been involved with Reborn and these events for the last few years, because it falls equally in line with our mission, but it falls in line with Reborn’s core values.

David: It does. One of our core values is that we care, and so, this event really helps our customers in the community see how much we care about their projects when it comes to doing home improvement. 

Jordan: So, you’re going to get fed a lot of information, but you’re also going to get fed, because there’s going to be a lovely food spread. 

David: Yes, there will. A wide variety of choices. Come down, even if you’ve just got 15 minutes, come by and enjoy some food with us, too, please. 

Jordan: Yeah, there’s going to be food demos, as well as door prizes, and so many opportunities with which you can get involved with at this event. Where are you guys located, where is it going to be held? 

David: We’re at 6615 Flanders. It’s right on the corner of Mira Mesa and Flanders, right across from Green Flash Brewery. 

Jordan: Of course, that event is October 20th, from 10:00 to 2:00 PM. It will fill up, you need to visit approvedhomepros.com/reborn to reserve your space today. These events, historically, have filled up, and we run out of space, and we don’t want you to miss out on this free event.