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Do Security System Yard Signs Really Work?

We’ve all seen an alarm company’s security sign in a yard, but do they actually work? Richard Mates from Safe at Home discusses just how important yard signs are when it comes to security.

Details on ‘Yard Signs’

[Richard Mates] This is Richard mates from Knight Security and this is Safe at Home Some insights into home security and a question that I receive often should I have a yard sign in front of my house and statistics are overwhelming When you have a yard sign in front of your home that indicates a security system is in place your house becomes much less attractive to a burglar. They tend to move on and that’s exactly what we want to have happen. It also provides a phone number for the police to call in an emergency and just gives you a real presence that your home is not susceptible to a casual break-in and absolutely you want to use yard signs. Yes and if you have any questions about yard signs or other security matters feel free to call me or text me and I’d be happy to answer these and please be safe at home thank you